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The owner

Hi. My name is Harold Hisona. Thank you for your time browsing my blog.

I've been a technical support for ISPs like Time Warner Cable and Comcast. I also was a technical support for mobile with Sprint and recently with Straight Talk.

Currently, I am associated with The Droid Guy (TDG) writing about Android problems and their solutions while providing support to its readers through email and Facebook.

I started out as a news writer in 2008 while I was working as a support rep for TWC. My journalism journey continued until 2009 when I was hired to promote an Australian news website owned by the government. The link building and SEO job continued for another 3 years. And then I shifted to becoming a tech writer when I started working for TDG.

The blog

Droidista literally means Droid Guy. Needless to say the blog will cater to anything and everything Android. But the main purpose of Droidista.com is to become my online journal. It will contain everything about my journey as an Android Technician.

That's right, I fix Android for a living now and I write about my experiences to document what I do when I pop open a device. Sadly, since I am just an employer of a local Android repair shop, I cannot take pictures because it's against our policy. But I will be as descriptive as possible in my blogs.

I started as a repair technician in January and ever since I started working, I have repaired a lot of devices already ranging from entry level Androids to high-end ones like the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, HTC One and LG Optimus G Pro. I cover software- and hardware-related problems.

In case you have issues with your Android phone, whatever the brand or model will be, I am always on call. You can contact me anytime.

I guess that would be all for now. Browse my blog for articles related to your problems. Thank you.

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