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Quick Fix On Galaxy S5 Won't Get past logo screen

By: Noy-Noy | Monday, May 28, 2018


Quick Fix On Galaxy S5 Won't Get past logo screen
Performance-related issues in Galaxy S5 is quite common for the past several years. As a matter of fact, even now there were number of Galaxy S5 users were complaining about it. In this post, I'll tackle one of the most common problems, which is unable to past on its logo screen. Mostly, this issue occur if the firmware of the phone was ruined or there were apps you downloaded prevents the system from booting up successfully.

As what I've mentioned earlier, this might be a firmware or an app issue that triggered the problem. So, this time, we have to consider all possibilities and rule it out each one them until we can figure it what the real problem is and resolve the issue. To begin the troubleshooting, here are the methods that you should do:

 Try to boot in Safe Mode
In this environment, we will try to eliminate the suspicion that a third-party app leads the device to the issue by temporarily disabling all downloaded apps and letting the pre-installed ones run in the system. Although this method won't fix the problem on your phone but it will give you hint if an app is causing it. If your phone get past on logo screen while in this mode, then, obviously there's an app you need to find and uninstall it to resolve the issue.

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold the Power button.
  3. When 'Samsung Galaxy S5 appears on the screen, release the Power button.
  4. Immediately after releasing the Power button, press and hold the Volume Down button.
  5. Continue to press and hold the Volume Down button until the device finishes restarting.
  6. Safe Mode will display in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  7. Release the Volume Down button when you see Safe mode.
However, if the issue persist even in safe mode, then, move over to the next method.

Wipe the System Cache Partition via Recovery Mode
The fact, that the device is able to power on there is a big chance that this is just a firmware problem. So, this time, we would like you to boot your Galaxy S5 in recovery mode. Through this mode, you can be sure that all hardware components are functioning normally. If your phone boot in this step you can proceed to the next step by deleting all system caches so that newer ones will be created and could run perfectly once it will be loaded next time to the firmware. 
  1. Turn off your S5.
  2. In order to shutdown your Galaxy S5 you can either press the Power button and select "power off" or you can press and hold the power key for more than 10 seconds.
  3. Wait a few seconds and then proceed to the next steps below.
  4. Press Power, Volume Up and Home keys at the same time. 
  5. Keep pressing these keys until recovery mode appears on you S5.
  6. In recovery mode, press the Volume Up and Down buttons in order to scroll up and down and press the power key to select the option.
  7. You can then reboot into Android by Selecting Reboot System now.
After doing it, observe closely if the issue still happening. If so, then, we suggest you to bring it to the nearest shop in your area and let the tech check it for you.

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