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How to Enable Kids Mode in Samsung Galaxy S5

By: Noy-Noy | Saturday, March 10, 2018


How to Enable Kids Mode in Samsung Galaxy S5

One of the features added to Galaxy S5 and makes more elegant is the Kids Mode. This mode was designed to protect your important files and data especially if you're sharing your Galaxy S5 to your kids. Like what I've said, this mode will add more protection to your saved files and data in the internal storage without the need of adding more passcodes or setting it in Private mode. To activate Kids Mode,follow these steps:

  1. Go to Home screen by pressing the Home button once or by tapping the back a few times.
  2. Tap on any empty area on the screen and touch Widgets.
  3. Browse over the list until you see the Kids Mode icon which looks like a dinosaur.
  4. Tap and hold this icon and wait until you you're taken back to the Home screen.
  5. Release the widget on your preferred screen.
  6. Once back in Home screen, tap on Kids Mode icon to download and install it. 
  7. After the installation, tap on Kids Mode to create a profile.
  8. Tap on SET PIN for the creation of a security PIN.
  9. Enter your 4-digit PIN and confirm it.
  10. Enter your child's name and birthdate and Press Next to continue.
  11. Accept the disclaimer page.
  12. Select the app that you'll allow your kid to use. You can select up to 30 downloaded apps while in this mode.
  13. Now, go back to the Home screen and tap on Kids Mode icon again. There will 7 icons on Kids Mode marked as Kids gallery, Kids Camera, Kids Drawing, Kids Voice Recorder, Kids Media, Kids Mode Parental Control and Leave Kids Mode.
I hope this tutorial helps.

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