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Quick fix on Samsung Galaxy S4 stuck in 'Android System Recovery'

By: Noy-Noy | Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Quick fix on Samsung Galaxy S4 stuck in 'Android System Recovery' screen

Hello readers! For the past few months we received several emails coming from other users complaining about their device is having different types of performance-related issues . In this post, I'll tackle an email we received complaining that it's phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) stuck in 'Android System Recovery' screen. The fact, that the device is able to power on there is a possibility that this is just a minor glitch in the system. So, to troubleshoot this issue, here are the methods that you should do:

Step 1: Perform Soft reset
As I mentioned earlier, there is a possibility that a glitch in the system caused the issue on your phone. So, this time, we have to do the so-called battery-pull procedure or soft reset to refresh the memory of the device. Remove the battery of the phone and press its Power button to release all electricity in the hardware components. After you do so, power on again your Galaxy S4 and see if the issue will still occur, then try the next step and reset your phone.

Step 2: Perform Master reset 
Compare to other methods, this one is more complicated because all files saved on your phone will be deleted like: photos, contacts, videos, music and etc. So, before you can do the reset we suggest you to create a backup if it's possible because you cannot retrieve all of it once the steps is done. Here's how you do the reset:

  1. Turn off the phone completely.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons.
  3. Release the Power button when the phone vibrates but continue to holding the Volume Up and Home buttons.
  4. When the Android System Recovery appears, release both the Home and Volume Up buttons.
  5. Using the Volume Down key, highlight 'wipe data/ factory reset.'
  6. Press the Power button to select it.
  7. Using the Volume Down button again, highlight 'delete all user data.'
  8. Press the Power key to select it.
  9. Once the reset is complete, choose 'Reboot System Now.'
  10. Press the Power button to restart the device.
After the reset, power it on and see if your device stuck in Android System Recovery. If it is, then we suggest you to bring your phone to the nearest shop in your area so that the tech can check it for you.

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