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Quick fix on Samsung Galaxy S5 overheating issue

By: Noy-Noy | Friday, January 5, 2018


Quick fix on Samsung Galaxy S5 overheating issue 

When Samsung Galaxy S5 was unveiled in the first quarter of 2014, the device gather tons of positive reviews acknowledging its added features and elegant design, in which, its successor Galaxy S4 doesn't have. But like any other android devices, the Galaxy S5 is not perfect and it's not free from flaws and one of the most common issues that users reported is overheating.

Usually, getting warm is normal for all devices especially if you're charging it or playing a mobile game, but if it's overheating even though you are not using the device, then, there may be other factors triggered it from heating up. It could be tons of applications running in the background or there's an app conflicting the system and caused the issue.

So, in this article, I'll tackle the possibilities and rule-out each one of them until we can come out to the solution and fix it if possible. Although there is no assurance if the problem can be fixed, but we will try our best because mostly this is just minor issue and it can be resolved through basic procedures. Here are the methods that we suggest you to do:

Step 1: Perform Soft reset on your Galaxy S5
If you didn't tried restarting your phone, then, this would be the perfect time that you should do it. This method is a very basic one in which it closes all applications running in the background and refreshes the memory of the phone. After you remove the battery, press the Power key for 30 seconds to release all electricity stored in the capacitors. After you do so, turn on your S5 and observe if it is still heating up. If the issue persists, proceed to the next method.

Step 2: Check what are the applications running in the system
In dealing with this type of problem it is imperative that you should check the applications running and eating the battery most. Because if tons of applications are running that would be the reason that the device is heating up due to the accumulation of heat coming from over stressed processor and RAM. In this case, the best thing that you should do is to close some of the apps  you're not using and see if there's an improvement on its performance. This is a how to close the background applications:
  1. From Home screen, tap Recent apps button.
  2. Tap Active apps.
  3. Select what app you want to close by tapping the End button.
  4. Tap OK.
After closing some of the applications, use your phone and observe if it is still heating up. If not, then, it is evident that the issue is triggered by numerous apps running in the system. But if the problem is still the same, jump over to the next step.

Step 3: Reboot your phone in safe mode to verify if a rogue app caused the issue
In this diagnostic state, we have to verify if one of your downloaded applications is the reason that this problem is happening. Take note, booting in safe mode won't fix the problem, instead, it will just disable all third-party apps temporarily and letting the pre-installed ones run in the system. So, while in this mode and your Galaxy S5 is not overheating, then, there might be a culprit triggering it. Find that one by uninstalling each app you have until the device function normally. Here's how:
  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Press and the Power key.
  3. When 'Samsung Galaxy S5' appears on the screen, release the Power key.
  4. Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume Down key.
  5. Continue to hold the Volume Down key until the device finishes restarting.
  6. Safe mode will display in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  7. Release the Volume Down key when you see Safe mode.
If your Samsung Galaxy S5 still heating up while in this state, there is a chance that a serious firmware issue triggered it. Follow the next step for further troubleshooting.

Step 4: Backup all your files and reset your phone
Since, all procedures you performed failed to fix the issue, so, your last resort is to do a reset. Although this last method is more complicated compare to previous procedures because all files and data will be deleted, but the good thing is, any firmware-related issue that might causing the issue will be fixed once you do the reset. But before you proceed, create first a backup so that you can easily restore all of it if the problem is resolved.
  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time: Volume Up key, Home key and Power key.
  3. When the phone vibrates, release the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and Home key.
  4. When the Android System Recovery appears, release the Volume and Home keys.
  5. Press the Volume Down key several times to highlight 'wipe data/factory reset/.
  6. Press the Power button select.
  7. Press the Volume Down key until 'Yes-delete all user data' is highlighted.
  8. Press Power button to select and start the master reset.
  9. When the master reset is complete, 'Reboot System now' is highlighted.
  10. Press the Power key to restart the device.
Step 5: Bring your phone to the Shop
However, after you performed the factory reset and your phone still heats up there is a possibility that the device itself is defective. The last option that you should do is to bring it to the local shop in your area to be repaired by an expert.

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