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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Charges Slow or Not At All While Connected To Computer

By: Unknown | Thursday, May 21, 2015


I recently received a few emails from my readers asking me why their new Galaxy S6 Edge charges very slowly while connected to their computer. Others even reported their phone won't at all when connected to their laptop.

Normally, smartphones charge their battery when they're connected to a PC or laptop through the USB port. It is because, the port gives out electric current like charging units. The difference is, computers have lower amperage compared with factory chargers that come in the box with the main unit.

This explains why your Galaxy S6 Edge charges very slowly when plugged in to your computer. Apparently, the charge time will be longer than when you're using the phone's original charger.

If, however, the phone won't charge at all when connected to the computer but charges fine using the charger, it means that the device is draining the battery faster than the computer can push electric current to its battery. So, even if the phone displays the usual charging icon, the battery continues to decrease until it's totally depleted.

When there's no other choice but to charge the phone to a computer, then turn off the device so it can charge faster. If you can't afford to miss important messages, however, then boot the phone in safe mode just to temporarily disable all third-party apps. You may also disable wireless features like Bluetooth, mobile data or even Wi-Fi if you're not using them.

Remember, the Galaxy S6 Edge's charger has 2.5 Amps rating while most of the computers only have .5 Amps max.

Do you have issues with your Galaxy S6 Edge and want to talk with me about it, email me at droidista.com@gmail.com.

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