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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge LED Notifications and Their Meaning

By: Harold | Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with an L.E.D. indicator and it functions like the ones you can find in Galaxy S5, S4 and other premium Samsung Android smartphones. Honestly, I can't imagine a Samsung device without that blinking thing at the top of the screen.

The LED will emit light with three colors, either it's Blue, Red or Green and there are three rhythms as well, Pulsating, Blinking and Glowing.

LED Notifications and Meaning

Pulsating Blue - it happens when your phone is turning on or off. The LED will emit blue-colored light that pulsates or dances. It's different from the normal blink because it has a noticeable dynamic.

Blinking Blue - when the LED blinks blue, it means you have missed calls, new messages or recording voice.

Glowing Red - this is what you're going to see if your phone is charging properly.

Blinking Red - it means that the phone is low on battery. If the phone blinks red while charging, either the battery or the charging unit is defective.

Glowing Green - the battery is full!

If, however, the LED indicator doesn't light up at all, verify if it's enabled by going to Settings > Sounds and notifications > Notifications section. From that screen,  you will know if it's turned on or off.

Just in case you have questions about this feature, feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think.


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