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My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has No Service or No Signal [How to Fix]

By: Gra | Sunday, April 5, 2015


This article will serve as your guide to troubleshoot no signal or no service issue with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device. For problem isolation, the solutions offered in this post are primarily based on potential causes of the main problem.

If you too are having the same issue on your Galaxy Note 4, then you may try any of the following workarounds. Don't forget to test your device after completing each of the given steps to see if the problem has been fixed. Otherwise, proceed to the next workaround/resolution procedures.

Note: Be sure to have your phone with you before you start.

1. Make sure you are within you network's coverage area. 

One of the possible reasons for a device not to get service or signal data is because you are out of your network coverage area. Among the issues you may encounter when you're out of your network coverage include data connection and browsing, media transfers, apps, data connections, email, messaging, device setup/activation as well as making or receiving calls. To make sure this is not the cause, better to check on it first.

2. Check the SIM card and make sure it is properly inserted or secured.

Sometimes, the fault is on the SIM card that is not properly inserted or secured. I suggest you try to remove and re-insert the SIM card on your Galaxy Note 4. This workaround has helped resolve issues like activation errors, browser connection, as well as blank and frozen screens. Follow these steps to properly remove and insert the SIM card on your device.

a. Power off the phone. Ensure the device is completely turned off before you remove the SIM card to avoid causing any harm to the SIM card or the device itself.

b. Once the device is powered off, locate the notch on the upper left edge of the cover then gently pull the battery cover off from the back of the device.

c. Locate the notch in the lower right corner of the battery then pull the battery out. Do it gently.

d. Now, slide the SIM card out of the Micro SIM card slot.

e. Carefully insert the card notched end first into the Micro SIM card slot, with the gold contacts facing down.

f. Insert the battery. Be sure to align the battery contacts (connectors on the battery must be aligned with the connectors on the device) then press the battery into position.

g. After ensuring the battery is properly aligned and secured, gently press it into place.

3. Verify if Airplane mode is OFF or disabled.

Please note that the device will not be able to make or receive calls or use any data services while the Standalone or Airplane mode is activated or turned ON. Here's how to get to Airplane mode settings on your Note 4 device:

a. Keep your device turned on, then press and hold the Power button until the Phone options screen shows up. The Power button is located on the right edge of the phone.

b. Tap on Airplane Mode from the Phone options screen.

c. Tap to turn Airplane mode OFF from the Turn ON Airplane mode prompt. Again, it has to be turned Off in this case.

4. Enable or turn on data. 

Verify if Data is turned on or activated on your device. Here's how:

a. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
b. Tap Settings.
c. Go to the Wireless and networks section and tap More networks.
d. Tap Mobile networks to continue.
e. To enable or disable data, tap Mobile data. If you see a check mark next to it, then it is already enabled.

5. Verify your data usage settings. 

You may need to optimize data usage on your Note 4 device. Follow these steps:

a. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
b. Tap Settings.
c. Go to the Wireless and networks section then tap Data usage. For more information about your data usage cycle, mobile data limit, or data usage restrictions, please contact your network carrier.

6. Make sure data roaming is set to allow. 

Do this if and only if applicable or when you're on a trip and you have no Internet or network connect, can't send/receive email, text, photos or videos.

Please remember though that enabling data roaming service may cost you extra for roaming charges.

Here's how to enable data roaming on your Note 4 device.

a. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
b. Tap Settings.
c. Tap More networks from the Wireless and networks section.
d. Tap Mobile networks to continue.
e. Tap Global Data Roaming Access.
f. Tap any of the following options: Deny data roaming access, Allow access only for this trip or Allow access for all trips.

7. Perform a soft reset. 

A soft reset is done by simply turning the device OFF and ON. This method can help fix several issues like continuous rebooting, device crashing, freezing, won't ring or vibrate, can't make/receive calls, device locks up, and keyboard not responding. Follow these steps to soft reset your Note 4 device:

a. Press and hold the Power button until the PHone options prompt displays.
b. Tap Restart from the given options.
c. Wait until you're prompted with 'The device will restart' then tap OK to proceed.

Alternately, you can perform a soft reset by simply removing the battery from the phone for about 1 minute, then re-insert the battery and turn the phone back on.

Hope this helps.

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