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Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Charge Port and Back Camera Problems [Troubleshooting Guide]

By: Unknown | Saturday, December 27, 2014


Samsung Galaxy S5 power problems are often attributed to a failing battery, if not, then the USB Charge Port is the next suspect. I listed several issues a user may encounter if the component fails or got damaged. After troubleshooting and all signs are pointing to the USB Charge Port being damaged, there's no way you can fix it without replacing the entire component. You may need the services of a technician for this.

In the latter part, I also cited easy ways on how to troubleshoot issues with the back or primary camera. Again, if the component is proven defective, it must be replaced and the good thing is it's very serviceable, although, the phone needs to be opened naked to be able to remove the sensor.

I hope you can learn a thing or two after reading this post. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to  you as soon as I can.

Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Charge Port 

The device's utility port, otherwise known as USB charging port, is included in the daughterboard module and is connected to the motherboard with a flex cable. Just like the Note 3, S5 uses microUSB 3.0 for power and data transfer. It can easily be detached and is serviceable. The module includes the touch controller, antenna controller and primary microphone. So, if damaged, the following symptoms may occur:
  • Galaxy S5 charges slowly or not at all.
  • It may cause random reboots and quicker battery drain.
  • The phone may not power on.
  • Touchscreen may not function properly.
  • Audio recording may be affected.
  • The device's capacity to find signal may deteriorate.
Again, the component can easily be detached from the motherboard, so it can be replaced with a new one provided all signs are pointing to the USB charge port as defective.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Camera

This is the primary camera with 16-megapixel sensor conveniently located at the back of your phone. For people who were getting the "camera failed" error message since day 1, contact your provider as soon as possible as it is a possible manufacturing defect. If you're getting the error recently, try to wipe the cache and data of the Camera app and/or perform factory reset and if the problem won't go away, negotiate with your provider at once.

In the event that your phone snaps fuzzy, blurry pictures and videos or if there are visible tiny lines, try cleaning the lens and if that won't fix the problem, there may be scratches on the lens and it needs to be replaced. For pictures that look distorted, try to disable all filters first, then take another picture. If that picture shows the same distortion, download it to other device or computer and try to see if it still distorted and if not, then the problem is with the screen of your phone and not the camera.

Another issue that any owner might encounter is the lag after taking a picture. It may seem like the camera app is the problem, it's usually not. It's often the Gallery app that's lagging, or at least other services linked to the app. It is, however, recommended you clear both the cache and data of the camera app and then the Gallery. Don't worry, your photos will not be deleted if you do so.

Another thing I want to address is about the rattling inside the camera sensor--it's normal. The noise is actually unnoticeable and can only be heard if the camera is not used when the phone is shaken. Don't worry about it!

Don't forget to leave a comment below should you have questions or other issues.

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