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Samsung Galaxy S5 Hardware Problems [Part 1.2] Troubleshooting Dead Pixel Display

By: Gra | Monday, November 24, 2014


This is the continuation of the first part of our troubleshooting assistance on Samsung Galaxy S5 hardware issues, particularly those associated with the device's display.

This is an image of a dead pixel display.

The main issue that we are trying to deal with in this content is on a dead pixel display of Samsung Galaxy S5. It's when the device shows black and/or colored dots on screen. Refer to the given dead pixel image above.

What could have possibly caused such problem?

Display issues like this typically occurs on any device that have been used for quite some time already. However, it could also occur especially when some type of physical or liquid damage is present on the device.

In some cases, the screen may appear dead but is actually just stuck more likely because a third-party app is triggering the display to get stuck or frozen.

Recommended Workarounds/Solutions

There are three ways for you to deal with dead pixel display on your Galaxy S5, including the following:

1. Soft Reset

If this is the first time you encounter such problem on your device, then the first manufacturer-recommended workaround would be a soft reset. A mere simple reboot has been known to resolve several device issues, which means this too, could work in this case.

If you haven't yet tried performing a soft reset on a device that is stuck or not responding, then you can just remove the battery with the phone still on, wait for 30 seconds and the re-insert the battery, then power on the device.

2. Uninstall conflicting third-party apps

If dead pixel only occurs on your device while using certain application, then most likely, that application is the culprit. Try to uninstall that application and see if the problem is fixed.

3. Factory Data Reset using Hardware Keys

If the problem persists after uninstalling a third-party app, then your last resort would be a factory data reset. This means resetting your Galaxy S5 to factory defaults. And remember, doing so will remove all your personal information stored on your phone, including customized settings and contact details. Personal information cannot be recovered after the process.

In this regard, we strongly recommend creating a backup of all necessary information you've stored in your device beforehand.

If your phone is unresponsive to touch commands, you can perform a hard reset using the hardware keys. Follow these steps:

1. Turn of your phone.

2. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously.

3. When the phone vibrates once, release the Power button but keep pressing the Home and Volume Up buttons.

4. When the Android System Recovery screen shows, release the remaining two buttons altogether.

5. Now press the Volume Down button to highlight Wipe data/Factory reset.

6. To select the option, press the Power button.

7. Scroll to Yes - delete all user data using the Volume Down button, the press the Power button to confirm master reset on your device.

8. After the hard reset is complete, you should see the Reboot system now will be highlighted.

9. Press the Power button to reboot your phone.

If all else failed to fix the problem and dead pixel still appears after the hard reset, then you still can save your device by taking it out for physical repair.

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