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Samsung Galaxy S5 Hardware Problems [Part 1]: Troubleshooting Display Issues

By: Gra | Friday, November 21, 2014


This article contains standard resolution procedures and workarounds to deal with hardware problems on Samsung Galaxy S5, particularly issues associated with the device's display.

Solutions that are provided in this page are manufacturer-recommended procedures that are generally applicable to every GS5 device model/variant. So regardless of which carrier you're from, you can use this troubleshooting guide to fix the same hardware issues with your S5 handset.

Five different display issues will be covered in the entire part of this troubleshooting guide. These issues are those encountered by most Galaxy S5 users, including blank display, dead pixel, cracked or broken screen, bleeding screen and unresponsive display.

Let's start troubleshooting a display issue in which the device is showing only a blank display/screen.

Important note before you start:

Please don't forget to test your device after completing each recommended resolution procedure or workaround to see if that has fixed the problem. Proceed to the next available procedure when necessary.

Blank Display or blank screen

Here the manufacturer-recommended resolution procedures/workarounds for Galaxy S5 blank display issue or when the entire screen is blank with the backlights coming on but you do not see anything from the display.

[Please refer to blank display image above]


Blank display could be due to a device's battery that is completely drained, or your phone doesn't have enough charge to power on. Another possible cause is a third-party app that makes your phone unresponsive, or worst, physical or liquid damage is present on your device.

The first suggestions would be based on the possible solutions so first, try to connect your device to its charger and wait for a few minutes for it to charge, and then power it on by pressing and holding the power button. If it powers on but appears to be unresponsive or not responding to touches, then try to use the hardware keys to run it in safe mode for third-party app diagnostics. Running in safe mode can help you determine if a third-party app is causing your device not to respond. If so then, remove the app that's causing conflict.

Another thing you have to consider is a possible physical or liquid damage on the phone is causing the problem. If you found out that a damage is present, then you should take it to a service center to get it fixed.

You can also try performing a soft reset on your device.

Perform a soft reset (via hardware)

A soft reset is done by simply restarting (turn OFF/ON) the phone. This method is often used to fix several device issues -- mostly on software, but also on some hardware-associated.

But since this is a blank screen or display, you can do a soft reset using the hardware method. This can be done by simply removing the phone's battery. Here's the standard method:

a. Remove the battery with the phone still ON.
b. Wait for 30 seconds, then re-insert the battery.
c. Power on the device.

You can proceed with uninstalling third-party applications if your device powers on. If not, then your  next option is to take your device to a service center for repair. That is if you still have a blank display after performing the aforementioned procedures.

Please keep posted for the continuation of this troubleshooting guide on Samsung Galaxy S5 hardware (display) issues to be published later on.

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