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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smart Remote Setup Guide for Starters

By: Gra | Tuesday, November 18, 2014


"I can't find the remote control for my television and I've got a very important TV show to watch and I don't wanna miss it. But I've got my Note 4 with me. What choice do I have?" -- If this is the case, then it shouldn't be a problem because you can use your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as substitute remote control for your television. This content will teach you how.

Smart Remote is an app that allows you to search for an stream live TV shows and watch on-demand movies and TV shows on your mobile device. It's one of the featured applications in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device. In addition, Smart Remote also turns your device into a universal remote control, which you can connect to your cable, satellite, television and more. And with the application, you can also change the channel, volume and input using your Galaxy Note 4.

This guide will walk you through setting up and using Smart Remote with your Galaxy Note 4. Read on to learn how.

A. Setting Up Smart Remote on Note 4

Here are the steps to set up Smart Remote on your Galaxy Note 4:

1. Tap on Apps from the Home screen.

2. Next, swipe to Smart Remote.

3. Tap on Smart Remote to launch or open the application.

4. Tap on Start to continue.

5. Enter your ZIP code. 

Hint: The ZIP code will serve as basis in getting the TV channels for your device to access/feed via Smart Remote. Steps may vary in other countries or regions. We'll choose ZIP code for the U.S. (07463) for this demonstration.

6. Tap on Done. TV channels for your ZIP code will now be fetched.

7. Next, scroll to and tap to select your TV service provider from the given list. You will know when the option is selected with the checkmark showing next to the TV Service provider you've chosen.

8. Tap Next located on the upper right corner of the screen.

9. You can also add some shows or channels to your Favorite shows and channels by tapping on the Plus Sign icon beneath each shows. Doing so will let you access these shows/channels later. Just follow the same steps to add more shows and channels.

10. Tap on Next, when done.

11. To get personalized recommendations, select your demographic from the Personalize screen.

12. Tap on Done when your done with your demographic setup.

You may now start setting up your phone as a TV remote by tapping on Set Up Remote Control.

B. Using Smart Remote on Galaxy Note 4

Follow these steps to use Smart Remote and make your phone function as your remote control.

1. Tap Setup Remote Control from the Smart Remote application.

2. Turn OFF your television and tap on Next.

3. Read and review the prompted information, then tap on Next again.

4. Choose your TV brand from the given list under Select your TV brand.

5. Tap on Next.

6. Now tap the red TV Power button (icon) on your phone screen to turn your television ON. Make sure your Note 4 is pointing at the television.

7. If your television turns on, tap on YES and proceed to step 8. If it doesn't, tap on No and repeat the previous steps (1-7).

8. Tap to select your Cable/Satellite box brand.

You can also set up other devices like your DVR, DVD player, AV receiver, air conditioner, Blu-ray player and streaming media player.

9. Tap on Done to complete the process.

And that's how to setup and use Smart Remote to control your television and other devices with your Galaxy Note 4.

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