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View Email Snippets on Samsung Galaxy S5 Home screen [Quick Guide]

By: Gra | Thursday, October 9, 2014


In response to a commonly asked question raised by a number of Galaxy S5 users recently, we've created this quick guide on how to view email snippets on the GS 5 home screen.

If you too want to see snippets of your emails on the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S5, then you may refer to this content. But before you start, be sure to connect your phone to the Internet, otherwise, you won't be able to view your emails snippets later.

1. Get to the Home screen to get started.

2. Once you're on the Home screen, tap and hold on an empty space until options display.

3. Now touch on Widgets to continue.

4. Scroll to and tap and hold on Email. You can use your Gmail account if you have one, by tapping Gmail instead.


In case you have downloaded a third party email app and that app has a widget, then you may also opt to use that widget.

5. Drag the widget on to the Home screen.

6. To set it up for your email account, tap the widget. After doing so, you should see emails snippets in your inbox displayed in the widget on your Samsung Galaxy S5 home screen.

Again, be sure to connect your Galaxy S5 to the Internet to view the emails snippets in your inbox in the widget. Some widgets would allow you to access your inbox online by simply tapping on it.

And that's all it!

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