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Suddenly, My Galaxy S5 cannot connect to GPS [How to Fix]

By: Gra | Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This article elaborates the recommended methods to fix a connectivity issue with the Galaxy S5 smartphone, particularly on the GPS. So, if you have landed into this page in an effort to find solution or workarounds available to fix the same issue on your Galaxy S5 device, then read on to find out.

Problem Overview

All of a sudden, my phone is unable to find my location. When I attempt to use the GPS, I am getting a message saying, "searching for signal."

Connectivity issues associated with GPS on the phone could be due to several reasons including the following:

  • Location setting is disabled
  • Maps software requires update
  • Device software requires update
  • GPS signal is blocked by a third-party accessory like a cover or case
  • Visibility to GPS satellites is temporarily unavailable
  • Physical or liquid damage on the device
  • Temporary network outage 

Primary Workarounds

After determining what has likely caused the problem to occur on the phone's GPS, you may now start with performing the following workarounds as your first resolution methods.

Be sure to test your phone's GPS after completing each of the following methods to see whether or not it has fixed the problem. If not, then that's when you proceed to the next method.

1. Perform a Soft reset.

Considering the fact that the problem has just occurred on your device, a simple soft reset will most likely get it fixed.

A soft reset is done by removing the battery for 30 seconds with the phone still on. After 30 seconds, re-insert the battery and turn the phone back on.

2. Try to step outside into an open area where there are no possible signal barriers from the GPS satellite. Please note that any obstructions to the sky view such as mountains, tall buildings, thick walls, dense canopy, and the like can cause your phone's GPS not to get a signal.

3. Check for any physical or liquid damage on the device, especially if you happen to drop or got it wet before. If a physical or liquid damage exists, then you will need to take the phone out for repair first.

4. In case your phone software is out of date, then check for any available software update available for your device model. An update may be required to get the GPS back up and running again.

5. To ensure the problem is not due to an outdate Maps software, then check for any available updates for Maos in the Google Play Store.

Recommended Resolution Procedures

If the problem is not fixed with the primary workarounds, then please proceed with verification of some network settings on your Galaxy S5, particulary the Location services.

To make the GPS feature work as it should, Location services must be turned on or enabled on the phone.

Here are the steps to verify Location services on the S5 handset:

1. Go to the Home screen to get started.

2. Touch Menu to continue.

3. Select Settings.

4. Touch More.

5. Select Location Services.

If necessary, touch the slider next to grant Access to my location to enable or turn the feature ON.

6. Put a check mark next to GPS satellites, to enable the feature.

7. Put a check next to Use Wireless networks. Turning this feature on will help in determining your location, with the use of mobile data and/or wireless networks information.

8. Go back to the Home screen.

9. Touch Apps.

10. Select Google settings.

11. Touch Location.

12. Put a check mark next to Access location.

13. Now, try to use your phone's GPS to locate your position again.

Follow these steps:

a. Touch Apps from the Home screen, then select Maps. Doing so will find your location using Maps on your phone.

b. Touch the GPS icon located in the upper-right corner of the map screen.

c. Look for the Blue Arrow. The blue arrow indicates your current location.

If problem continues to exist after performing the aforesaid resolution methods, then either you will proceed with a factory data reset or contact your network carrier to escalate this issue and to verify for any network outages that may be affecting the GPS function on your device.

If you opt for a factory data reset, then be sure to backup all your important data stored on your phone before you start the hard reset. Remember, a hard reset will set your phone back to its factory default settings, which means all your personal information will be removed. A backup can help you speed up file recovery after the hard reset on your device.

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