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Samsung Galaxy S5 Dropped Calls [How to Fix]

By: Gra | Sunday, October 19, 2014


Dropped calls are best described when the phone hangs up or cuts off in the middle of the call and when you're trying to call back the phone says it's not taking calls.

This article elaborates the recommended procedures and workarounds that will help you troubleshoot and/or resolve dropped call issue with the Galaxy S5 smartphone. This content is for all S5 users having the same problem, so you too can use this guide when necessary.

Among the first things to check whenever you encounter dropped calls is your phone's signal strength. If the signal strength is low, fluctuating or intermittent, then that is most likely causing the problem.

Main factors that might cause dropped calls with the Galaxy S5 would include the following:

  • carrier switch 
  • network outage
  • intermittent network connection
  • device software requires update

Other possible causes of dropped calls

There are also some other factors that may trigger dropped calls to occur on your device, including the following:

  • Inaccessible locations like undergrounds, subway lines, basements, and parking garages.
  • Signal obstructions like hills, mountains, trees, large buildings and concrete wall.
  • Low battery power resulting to low signal strength.
  • Congested network or peak hours.
  • Dead spots or areas with only few cell towers.
  • While traveling or driving.
  • Built-in to network by carriers to prevent overages from pocket-dialing.

Primary workarounds

Performing the following methods will help you isolate or even solve the problem.

  • Check Signal Strength. As what I've said earlier, be sure to check first if you are getting adequate signal or a minimum of two or three bars of signal strength. 
  • Check for network coverage. If you are not sure if you're still within your network carrier's coverage, check with your ISP for coverage in the area where you are experiencing dropped calls.
  • Make the call at a later time. If the problem happens on a call while driving, try to make a call at a later time. 
  • Check your device SIM card. Make sure the SIM card is properly inserted and is not damaged. Also verify if you are using the correct SIM card from your service provider.
  • Check for physical or liquid damage. If your phone got wet or was accidentally dropped, then it's possible that a physical or liquid damage is causing an issue. Better have it taken to a nearby repair center, then.
  • Update device software. Dropped calls can be due to a certain bug on the device. Generally, updates are rolled out to fix any existing bugs or glitches on the device. That is one thing why software updates are important. So, check for any available software update for your phone at Samsung Support and consider having a firmware upgrade this time.

Resolution Procedures

Switch to 2G/3G networks. If you are experiencing dropped calls in an area with poor reception or without 4G coverage, then your option is to set your phone to use only the 2G/3G networks. Anyway, you can always set it back to 4G coverage if it's already available.

Here's how to configure your Galaxy S5 to use only the 2G/3G networks:

1. Touch Menu from the Home screen.
2. Select Settings.
3. Touch Connections.
4. Select More networks.
5. Touch Mobile networks.
6. Select Network mode.
7. Under Network mode, select GSM, CDMA or GSM/UMTS.

If problem persists, please contact your Internet Service Provider or carrier to escalate your issue on dropped calls with the Galaxy S5, for further troubleshooting and recommendations.

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