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Samsung Galaxy S5 Bluetooth Issue: Microphone not working with Bluetooth [How to fix]

By: Gra | Monday, October 13, 2014


Some users of the Galaxy S5 have reported Bluetooth issues with their phone, including a microphone that is not working with Bluetooth. The problem is best described when trying to call someone using a Bluetooth headset but then their voice couldn't be heard on the other end. And this is specifically the problem that we are going to address in this content.

If you too encounter such problem on your Galaxy S5 microphone when making calls, then you may consider this content as your guide to fix it.

What could possibly caused the problem?

Bluetooth issues on a Samsung Galaxy device including the S5 are often tied to any of the following factors:

  • device software needs update
  • device isn't actually paired to the Bluetooth headset
  • Bluetooth is disabled on the device
  • Bluetooth device is out of range from the phone

In some cases, the problem is due to unintentionally setting the mobile phone to capture audio through the phone's microphone or the mute button was pressed during a call.

Now that you already have learned of the possible causes, try to check every aspect on your device, based on the aforesaid factors that might have caused the problem to occur.

Primary workarounds

Device issues including those associated with Bluetooth can be rectified by performing these primary solutions/workarounds. Don't forget to test your device after performing each of the following methods to see if the problem is already fixed. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

1. Soft reset your phone. Performing a soft reset is often among the first recommended procedure to perform when troubleshooting different mobile device issues. To perform a soft reset on your Galaxy S5 follow these steps:

- With the device still on, take the battery off the phone.
- Wait for 30 seconds then put back the battery.
- Power on the device.

2. Check the device software version, and make sure it has the latest software installed. Otherwise, you may need to update your device software to the latest version available.

3. Check the Bluetooth headset and make sure it's turned ON, paired, within range and connected to your Galaxy S5.


You can consider Bluetooth devices are in range if they are within 33 feet apart from each other for a connection to work.

Here's how to check if Bluetooth is enabled or disabled in your Galaxy S5.

- Touch Menu from the Home screen.
- Select Settings.
- Touch Connections.
- Select Bluetooth.

Check the Bluetooth slider and make sure it's set to ON. If it says OFF, then you have to touch the slider to turn Bluetooth on or enabled on your phone.

After enabling or turning Bluetooth on, locate and then touch your Bluetooth headset in the list of available Bluetooth devices to connect it to your phone. Once the headset is connected, the headset name will show in color blue.

Bluetooth-specific Troubleshooting Methods

1. You still can pair with a device even if it is not compatible for routing audio. All you have to do is verify if your Bluetooth device (in this case, your Galaxy S5) does support the necessary profiles.

To view the profiles recognized by your phone, simply touch on the Settings icon (wheel-like icon) next to a paired device's name. Be sure to put a check mark on each of the necessary audio profiles like Call audio, for instance.

Call audio is one of the requisites or requirements for routing calls to a connected device.

2. Ensure the Headset icon appears in GREEN during an active call.

Typically, Samsung devices would let you route the audio to the handset instead of a connected Bluetooth device during a call.

If the Headset icon is not Green, then touch the icon to route audio through the headset. The audio captured by the microphone will be captured on the phone rather than the headset, if you touch the Headset icon during a call, or when the Speaker icon is displayed in Green.

3. Ensure the Mute icon is not displayed in green, during an active call. If the Mute icon appears Green while on call, touch the icon to turn Mute off.

If problem persists, then try to unpair and pair the headset with your Galaxy S5 again, reboot your phone and check again.

Unpair and Pair Galaxy S5 with your Bluetooth Headset

1. Touch Menu from the Home screen, select Settings, touch Connections, then select Bluetooth.

2. Touch the settings icon next to a paired device's name, then touch unpair. This will unpair your Galaxy S5 from the selected Bluetooth headset.

3. Turn on your Bluetooth headset, then set it to pairing mode again.

4. Get to your phone, then touch Scan.

5. Locate and touch your headset name from the available Bluetooth devices list.

You then should be able to connect your S5 to the headset automatically, when the pairing is successful. Otherwise, touch the headset name to force the connection. When both the phone and the headset are connected, you will see the headset name appears in blue.

Also try to see if others can hear you when you are using the headset. If they cannot hear you on the headset, then reset the headset. Follow these steps to reset your Bluetooth headset.

1. Power off your Bluetooth headset.
2. Press and hold both the Volume key and the Power key simultaneously for about five seconds.
3. Release the buttons altogether.
4. Now press the power button to turn on the Bluetooth headset.
5. Follow the pairing procedure again.

If problem continues, then try to use another Bluetooth headset (if available), or if you have another phone, try to use that phone and connect it to the Bluetooth headset instead. This will help you determine if the problem is on your phone or on the Bluetooth headset you are trying to connect to.

If the audio is properly captured through the second headset, then the issue is with the original (first) headset you are trying to connect to. But if the phone is not capturing audio from the second headset, or you connected the headset with another phone and the audio was captured properly, then the problem is on your Galaxy S5.

In this case, the last option you have is performing a hard reset on your Galaxy S5. The process will reset your phone to factory defaults, which means you will lose all your personal information stored on your device.

If you are willing to proceed with a factory data reset on your phone, then we strongly suggest you to create a backup of all your important information for easier recovery after the hard reset. Otherwise, please escalate your issue to Samsung Support or your phone carrier for further assistance and recommendations.

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