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SIM Unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 [T-Mobile] version

By: Gra | Thursday, October 23, 2014


This content is only offered to those who are willing to SIM unlock their new Note 4 device, with the Mobile Device Unlock code from T-Mobile. We do not encourage you to SIM unlock your Galaxy Note 4, though. Therefore, it would be up to you to decide.

With the Mobile Device Unlock code, you will be able to use a SIM card from another wireless carrier on your device. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from T-Mobile, then here's a quick guide for you to use the Mobile Device unlock code to use a different SIM card, especially when you travel internationally.

Important note:

If you happen to get an error message while attempting to activate/use the Mobile Device Unlock code on your device, we suggest you should stop right away to prevent your device from being locked permanently.

Please note that entering incorrect code multiple times may lead to your device being permanently locked.

Start here:

1. Check your device and verify if it's eligible for SIM unlock.

Please visit T-Mobile support for mobile device unlock code eligibility requirements.

2. Request the unlock code for your phone. 

If you're eligible to receive the mobile device unlock code, then contact customer service for unlock code request.

3. Now get a different SIM, insert it to your phone, then turn your phone on.

4. You should then see an automatic phone prompt to enter the unlock code into an empty field.

5. Tap in the empty field right on top of the Unlock & Dismiss option.

6. Enter the unlock code you got from T-Mobile customer care.

7. Tap on the Back button to continue. Doing so will also remove the keyboard from the screen.

8. Now tap Unlock.

If SIM unlock is successful, you should then see a message prompt saying 'Network Unlock Successful!'

This means your Galaxy Note 4 is already SIM unlocked, and that you can now use any other SIM card on your device.

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