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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Beginners Guide: Using Smart Select Feature

By: Gra | Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Smart Select is one of the new and enhanced S-Pen features of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device. This feature is among the available functions for use with the Air Command.

With the Air Command, you can quickly access many different functions and features of the new Note device. All you have to do is press the S Pen button while holding down your S Pen a few millimeters above the screen.

A list of four available pen features will appear after you press the S Pen button, including Action Memo, Smart Select, Image Clip and Screen Write.

To make this easier for you to do, here's the itemized process on how to use the Smart Select feature on your Galaxy Note 4.

Basic S Pen Actions

1. Hover the pen over the screen and press the S Pen button.
2. Choose Smart Select in the next screen.
3. Now, select the area of the screen you want to collect with the S Pen. The selected item/image can be shared with other devices, and paste them into other apps, or you can even save them to Scrapbook.

Saving a collected image to Scrapbook

4. To save the selected screen image to Scrapbook, tap on the Scrapbook icon on top of the screen.
5. Tap the Save icon located on the upper-right corner of My Scrapbook screen. Doing so will directly collect or save the content in scrapbook.
6. You can keep the collected Items for later use like sharing them with other devices or paste them into other apps later on.

Alternate method to save a collected image

1. Tap on the collected image in the floating window on the Home screen.
2. Tap on the More options icon located on the upper-right corner of the screen.
3. Tap on Select.
4. Tap in the checkbox next to the image you want to save.
5. Tap on the Save to Scrapbook icon to complete the saving process. Just tap the Collect icon in the next screen.

7. You should now see the item created shown as a floating icon on the screen. This icon will still be shown when you go back to Home screen. You can also move the icon location to your desired area in the Home screen.

8. When you're in the Home screen, you can tap the + icon to add and collect additional items. Doing so will increase the number to keep. You can keep your collected items for later use.

After collecting an item, you can retrieve any of your collected contents and use it in other apps like Message. Here's how:

In this example, we'll use the Message app to use your collected content/image on it.

1. Tap on Message from the Home screen to launch the app.

2. In the Messages screen, tap on the new message icon on the upper-right side.

3. You will then see the floating button appears. At this point, you can share your collected items with other devices by tapping and holding the keeping contents icon, and then drag and drop to paste the message input area.

4. Select the item(s) you want to share. Just put a checkmark on the checkbox for each item you choose.

5. Once you're done selecting the items to share, your attachments will get back to the messaging app screen with the selected item included/added in your message.

View Saved Contents

1. Tap on Apps.
2. Tap Scrapbook.
3. Under My scrapbook, you should see all saved images. Just tap on the image you want to use.

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