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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Starters Guide: Working with Text/Keyboard functions

By: Gra | Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A keyboard automatically shows when you enter text to create memos or send messages on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha. There are also some languages that do not support text entry. In order to enter text, you need to change the input language and set it to one of the supported languages on your device.

This guide will teach you how to change the input language and the keyboard layout, as well as on how to use additional keyboard functions on the new Galaxy Alpha handset. Read on to learn more.

  1. How to change input language

Follow these steps to change input language on your Galaxy Alpha:

  1. Tap on Select input languages
  1. Select the languages to use

Note: You can switch between the input languages by sliding the space key left or right. (This is applicable only if you select two or more input languages).

  1. How to change keyboard layout

Follow these steps to change the keyboard layout on your Galaxy Alpha:

  1. Tap on Select input languages.
  1. Under Input Languages, choose a language you prefer.
  2. After you select a language, select a keyboard layout you want to use.

Note: If you choose the 3x4 keyboard, you can use three or four characters for a key. Just tap on the corresponding key repeatedly until the character you like displays.

  1. How to use additional keyboard functions

In order to use additional keyboard functions on your Galaxy Alpha, just tap and hold to use any of the following functions:

  1. Enter text by voice - this option allows you to open the keyboard, start/pause entering text by voice, or change the language. To access or use this option, you have to enable Google voice typing on your device. Just go to the Apps screen, tap on Settings, select Language and input, and tap on Google voice typing.

  1. Switch to handwriting mode - with this option, you can switch to the standard keyboard, switch between number mode and character mode on your device. You can even switch to the floating keyboard if you want, move the keyboard to another location by dragging it, or switch to the standard keyboard.

The availability of this feature may vary depending on the region or service provider though.

  1. Add an item from the clipboard
  2. Change keyboard settings
  3. Enter emoticons

  1. How to Copy/Paste text

Similar to other text editors in mobile devices, you can also copy and paste on your Galaxy Alpha. Here's how:

  1. Tap and hold on Text.
  1. Drag to select the text you want to copy/paste. To select all text, tap on Select all.
  2. After selecting text, tap Copy or Cut. The selected text is then copied to the clipboard.
  1. Now, place the cursor to an area where you want the copied text to be inserted or pasted then tap on Paste.

You can also paste text that you've copied previously. To do so, tap on Clipboard, and then select the text to paste.

That's all about the Galaxy Alpha  Keyboard Basics.

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