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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Complete Guide on Using Messaging App

By: Gra | Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Similar to other Samsung mobile devices, messaging on the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha also comes in form of Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). This means you can add or insert sound file, video clip or images to an SMS message.

In addition, quick calls can also be made while viewing a conversation. This is made possible with the Galaxy Alpha's Direct Call Gesture.

Direct call gesture is available for use when you're viewing with a contact that has a phone number. To use Direct call, simply hold your device towards your ear while viewing a conversation, and your phone will place a call to the contact.

Another way to make a quick contact on the phone, is by touching the contact and sliding your finger to the right side of the screen. Please continue reading to learn how to use the Messaging app on the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Itemized below are standard procedures in using Messaging on the Galaxy Alpha. You may use this content for your reference, in case you need some help in the process.

Creating and Sending Messages on the Galaxy Alpha

1. Touch Messages from the Home screen, to get started.

The Messages icon is located in the Favorites Tray by default. In case you've removed the Messages app from the Favorites Tray, you can just touch Apps, then select Messages to launch Messaging app.

2. When you're already in the Messaging screen, touch the create/compose message button on the upper-right corner of the screen, and begin composing a message.

3. You may choose to enter a recipient manually, by touching the Enter recipients field. Or you can just touch the contact icon, to add a recipient from your phone contacts.

Possible matches will be displayed as you type or enter a recipient's name manually. So all you have to do is to touch the contact in the list to add it as recipient.

4. Now, touch the Enter message field to begin composing a message.

5. If you want to insert an emoticon, just touch the smiley face icon.

6. When you're done creating your message, review it, then touch the Send icon to send your message. A draft will be saved when you exit a message before sending it.

Adding Attachments to your Message

You can also attach some files to a text message with your Galaxy Alpha's messaging app. To do so, touch the attachment icon (paper-clip icon), then choose one from the available options as follow:

  • Image - this option lets you choose an existing image to attach to your text.
  • Take picture - this option lets you take a new picture to attach to your text.
  • Video - this option lets you select an existing video to attach.
  • Record video - this option lets you record a new video clip to attach.
  • Audio - this option lets you choose an existing audio file to attach.
  • Record audio - this option lets you record a new audio clip for attachment.
  • Memo - this option lets you create or add a memo to your text.
  • Calendar - this option lets you add a calendar event to your text.
  • My location - this option lets you add your current location to your text message. This option however will become available only if you have enabled Location feature in the Quick Panel.
  • Maps - this option lets you add a location to your text.
  • Contacts - this option lets you add a name card from your contacts.

Options may vary depending on the message you are creating, whether it's a text or picture message.

Available Options while Composing a Message on the Galaxy Alpha

While you are composing a message, you will be prompted with several options you can use. To view these options, touch the More options icon while composing a message, then choose any of the following:

  • View contact - this option is for viewing all the contact's information.
  • Add to contacts - this option lets you save the recipient's contact information. This option is only available when sending a message to a recipient who is not saved in your contacts.
  • Insert smiley - this option lets you add emoticons, like a happy or smiley face to your text message.
  • Preview - this option lets you preview your message before sending. It's only available when you're creating an MMS.
  • Add slide - this option lets you add slides for pictures and sounds when sending an MMS or picture message.
  • Remove slide - this option lets you remove a picture or sound from a message.
  • Schedule message - this option lets you set the date and time when you want your message to be sent.
  • Duration - this option lets you set an interval for a slide. It's only available when you're creating an MMS.
  • Layout - this option lets you have the Text at top or Text at bottom of the message. It's only available when you're creating an MMS.
  • Discard - this option lets you exit and discard a message. Choosing this option will not save the message.
  • Font size - this option lets you set the text size for use on your message, from Tiny to Huge.

Saving MMS Attachments on the Galaxy Alpha 

You can save important file attachments from an MMS message you received and store them in your phone for later access or use them from other apps. Here's how:

1. Get to the conversation thread view.
2. Touch the attachment to view it.
3. Touch the Save icon to save the attachment.

You can also save multiple attachments from a message all at once. Here's how:

1. Touch and hold the attachment.
2. Touch Save attachment from Message options.
3. Place a checkmark in the box next to each attachment you want to save, or you can just check the Select all checkbox to save all attachments at once. Copy the files to your device by touching Save.

Delete a Single Message

To delete individual message, follow these steps:

1. Touch and hold the message you want to delete for a few seconds.
2. Touch Delete.
3. To confirm message deletion, touch OK.

Delete Message Threads

To delete unnecessary message threads, follow these steps:

1. Touch More options from the conversation list.

2. Place a checkmark for each message thread you want to remove or delete. Otherwise, you can just mark the Select all checkbox to delete all message threads at once. If you choose the latter option, all messages in the conversation will be erased.

3. Touch Done to continue.

4. To confirm the delete of thread, touch OK.

A quicker way to delete a message thread is by touching and holding the message thread from the conversation list.

The Messaging app in the Galaxy Alpha has lots of options available for you to use. Just touch the More options icon to view them all, and use whatever you think necessary for the SMS or MMS message you're composing. You can also get help by accessing the Messages application help files. Just look for Help option under More options, touch it and get help.

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