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Perform Hardware Test on Samsung Galaxy S5 [Quick Guide]

By: Gra | Friday, October 10, 2014


Here's a quick guide for you to ensure every hardware component on your device are working just fine.

You can perform a hardware test on most Samsung devices including the Galaxy S5 smartphone. Making this part of your regular device check is recommended to see and make sure the phone's basic hardware functionality, like touch screen sensitivity and display, is all good.

Here are the steps to perform a hardware test on your Galaxy S5 handset:

1. Tap on the Phone icon from the Home screen, to launch the phone application/dialer.

2. Using the keypad, dial *#0*#

3. A test page will now appear. On the test page, tap the feature you that you want to  perform a test for, like if you want to test your phone's touch screen sensitivity, tap on the Touch button.


You will be prompted with several buttons/options for you to test like the LED colors (indicators), as well as the device's receiver, vibration, dimming, mega cam, sensor, touch and more. Functionality options available for test may vary depending on the Samsung device model to test.

4. After you select the phone's hardware functionality to test on, slide your finger over the small grid boxes.

If your phone detects the touch, the gridboxes should turn green. When all the grid boxes have turned green, then that indicates the device has passed the test. You will then be routed back to the test page.

You may perform more tests depending on which phone hardware you want to check for functionality.

If any hardware test results to a failure, then please contact your phone carrier or Samsung support to escalate your findings and for further assistance.

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