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How to set My Interest wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Lock Screen

By: Gra | Friday, October 17, 2014


You can set and show high quality images with My Interest as wallpaper on your new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 lock screen.

My Interest offers you with different categories to choose from, including Drawings, Travel, Nature, Landscape, Night Sky, Pets, and Food. All you have to do is to select your preferred categories from which you will get new wallpaper images for download and set as wallpaper.

Read on to learn how to get and set high quality wallpaper images for your Note 4's lock screen.

Important Note: Additional charges may apply for downloading new wallpaper images via mobile networks. In this regard, we suggest using Wi-Fi networks instead.

Follow these steps to set My Interests wallpaper on your Galaxy Note 4 lock screen:

1. Go to Home screen to get started.

2. Pinch on the main screen or tap and hold an empty space on the Home screen.

3. Now, tap to select the Wallpapers icon to continue.

4. You will be prompted with the Wallpaper setting page for Home screen, Lock screen and Home and lock screen display. Tap on Lock screen to continue.

5. On the next screen, you will be prompted with a set of different high quality images, which you can set as wallpaper. Tap on My Interest to view available options.

6. Select your preferred categories, including Drawings, Travel, Nature, Landscape, Night Sky, Pets, and Food. New wallpaper images will then be downloaded for your chosen category.

Again, to avoid paying extra charges for downloading new wallpaper images via mobile networks, please use Wi-Fi networks instead. To make the image interactive image through Settings, tap the Settings button beneath the screen.

7. From Settings menu, scroll to and tap Dynamic effect to add dynamic effects to lock screen wallpapers, including Zooming in and moving. 

Please note that when you enable Dynamic effect, any unlock effects that are currently enabled or activated in your device will be disabled. If you opt to view common images, then remove the check from the box next to Dynamic effect.

8. Set transition interval for your wallpapers to change. Just tap on Transition Interval under Settings.

9. Select any from the 4 transition interval options including Every 1HR, 3HR, 6HR, and 12HR. Just mark the button to select the time interval you want.

10. For a better quality service with less duplication, tap on Enhanced service option under settings. Enabling this option will let My Interest service get access to your device identifier and the type of categories chosen or rendered image.

11. Once you're done with the Settings, go back to the My Interest screen from which you can select your preferred categories.

12. Choose your preferred categories, then tap on Set as wallpaper.

13. Go back to the Home screen.

14. Turn LCD off and on. You should then see colorful and brilliant images on your Galaxy Note 4 Lock screen.

15. To move Content Provider mobile web page or App service on the wallpaper, simply tap on the Logo located at the bottom of the screen.

16. Now, swipe the screen to unlock.

On the following screen, you should see the mobile website which real image files are uploaded. Simply tap the Next button to view more of these high quality images.

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