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Five FAQs and minor issues on Samsung Galaxy S5 [Answers/Solutions]

By: Gra | Monday, October 6, 2014


In this article, we've summed up 5 of the common questions and minor issues raised by some users of Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. These would include the Galaxy S5 backlight that is not working, lose connection when transferring data from an older Samsung device, SMS delivery report often prompts, device doesn't recognize fingerprint, and finally, cannot transfer S Note/S Memo files from an old Samsung device to the Galaxy S5.

If too have encountered any of the aforesaid issues with your Galaxy S5, then you may consider reading this content.

First Issue: Samsung Galaxy S5 Home key and Recent Apps backlight is not working

The following are recommended workarounds to deal with backlight issues on the Galaxy S5:

1. Go to Settings.
2. Touch on the Power saving icon.
3. Check the switch on the upper-right corner and make sure it is turned ON.
4. If the switch is ON, touch on Restrict Performance.
5. Touch the checkbox next to "Turn off touch key light" to remove the tick or checkmark and re-enabled the backlight.

If the box is already unchecked, then please contact Samsung technical support for further assistance, as this likely indicates a hardware fault is present on the device.

B. Connection is lost when attempting to transfer data from an older Samsung device via Smart Switch

Several users of the Galaxy S5 have reported that when they tried to connect their old Samsung device and their Galaxy S5 for data transfer using Smart Switch Mobile, they lost connection and so data transmission fails.

General recommendation for this issue is to place both devices close together (approximately 20 cm apart) for the connection to be successful. When both devices are placed within the specified distance, open the Smart Switch Mobile app in both devices and tap on the Connect button on only one of the devices.

But since Smart Switch Mobile app utilizes high frequency audio to establish connection between devices, the following methods are highly suggested:

  • Connection between devices via Wi-Fi MAC adderess is transmitted by high frequency audio through the speaker of the old device into the microphone of the new device (S5). If the speaker of the old device is blocked or covered by your hand or any object, the audio signal required for connection purposes may also diminished and so the connection will be lost. In this case, make sure the speaker is not covered and is facing the Galaxy S5's microphone.

If you're still having trouble connecting both devices or often disconnected via Smart Switch Mobile, do the following:

1. Do it again in some other quiet places/interference. Try to transfer or use Smart Switch for Mobile in a quiet area away from noise.

2. Next, try to tap the Transfer button only on the old Samsung device this time.

Also ensure that the app is open or the button is tapped on one of the devices, as well as if a pair of earphones or a Bluetooth headset is connected to the device.

In case you are trying to switch from a non-Samsung devie to your Galaxy S5, then use the Smart Switch PC app instead.

C. SMS delivery report often prompts

This is actually not a problem. All you need to do is to configure the SMS delivery report settings on your device and turn it OFF. Please note that the more messages you receive, the more often you get SMS delivery reports.

If you don't want to always be prompted with this report, then follow these steps:

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen.

2. Touch on Messaging.

3. Touch the More options icon (represented by a three-vertical-dots icon).

4. Touch on Settings.

5. Touch Text messages.

6. Touch Delivery reports to turn delivery reports on or off. Since you want to get rid of the report, be sure to turn the feature OFF.

D. Fingerprint is sometimes not recognized by the device

If your Samsung Galaxy S5 does not recognize your fingerprint, the it's either your fingerprint is not registered yet or your doing it the wrong way.

Here's what you need to do:

  • In order to get best results, swipe the entire pad of your finger, starting from base to the tip across the Home key to register your fingerprint properly.
  • Please note that if you bend your finger, the device may not be able to recognize your fingerprint. Also, some accessories like key protectors may also prevent your device from recognizing your fingerprints so be sure to remove them first.
  • Keep your finger flat against the Home key and then swipe at a moderate speed.
  • Also ensure your fingertip are dry, considering the fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S5 is sensitive to moisture.
  • Make sure there are no scratches or damages on the Home button especially that the Home button contains the fingerprint recognition sensor. To avoid causing any scratch or damage, please keep metal edges away from it, like those on coins, keys and necklaces.

If you have done all the aforesaid recommendations and that your registered fingerprint is still not recognized, then please contact Samsung Support for further assistance.

E. Cannot transfer S Note/S Memo files from an old Samsung device

Some users of the Galaxy S5 said they are having problems when trying to transfer S Note (S Memo) files from an older device like the Galaxy S III, S4 or Note 3, to their Galaxy S5 using Samsung Kies or Smart Switch Mobile app.

In this case, we recommend installation of the S Note app from Galaxy Essentials and then transfer the files with Kies or Smart Switch Mobile on your Galaxy S5.

To download S Note, you can use the Galaxy Essentials Widget on the Home screen. Once you've installed the S Note on your Galaxy S5, you can now start using your previously created Memo or Note files via the S Note app. Here's how:

1. On your Galaxy S5, scroll to the Home screen that displays Galaxy Essentials.
2. Tap on Galaxy Essentials.
3. Tap on S Note from the available options.
4. Tap on Install/Update as applicable.
5. Wait until the installation or updating process is complete, then you should see the updated S Note installed on your Galaxy S5 apps section.

Hope this helps.

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