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Cannot Browse the Internet on my Samsung Galaxy S5 [Troubleshooting guide]

By: Gra | Saturday, October 18, 2014


This article is aimed at helping owners/users of the Galaxy S5 with Internet problems on their device, particularly those who cannot browse the Internet.

If you too can't browse the Internet on your Samsung Galaxy S5, then here's a troubleshooting guide for you to follow.

Note: Be sure to test your device after completing each of the following steps to determine whether the problem has already been fixed. Otherwise, continue to the next resolution process.

Before you begin, please check if your phone can make voice calls. It is necessary to determine whether your phone can make voice calls as it will give you a hint on where to start and what to do next.

If your phone cannot make voice calls, then you need to solve this problem first. Doing so will most likely solve your problem with the Internet.

If you cannot make voice calls, then it denotes your phone has no network connection. This means you need to fix the network problem first and see if this will also solve your Internet browsing issue.

If you can make voice calls, then consider the following triggering factors or possible causes of the transpiring problem:

* Temporary Network Problem - A temporary network problem may likely be the reason why you can't browse the Internet or establish connection to webpages.


If this is the case, then you have two options to consider. First, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and check for any possible network outage. And second, is to try browing the Internet at some time later.

* Webpage Not Supported by the Phone Browser - Basically, you won't be able to browse a webpage or view a webpage content if your phone browser does not support the selected webpage. It's likely that the browser you used has some limitations or the webpage you are trying to access contains page elements that cannot be rendered by your phone browser, that's why you cannot visit/view the page.


If this is the case, then try browsing or visiting another web page. Tap on Internet, enter the website address (url) in the address bar, then press Go.

* Incorrect set up on the phone for Internet - Incorrect settings could prevent you from accessing the Internet.


Verify your phone's Internet settings or set up your phone for Internet access (if necessary).

If problem persists after completing all the aforementioned resolution procedures, then we suggest contacting your ISP or network carrier to escalate the issue for further troubleshooting on both your phone and wireless router (if necessary).

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