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Simple Guide to Create Folder, Apps Page on Samsung Galaxy Tab S

By: Gra | Thursday, September 25, 2014


In this guide, we will elaborate how to customize screens on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S, particularly on how to create folders and apps page on it. We intend to offer this content to all users of the Galaxy Tab S device, who need help in customizing their device screens based on their preference.

If you are one of our target audience for this piece, then you may consider reading on this entire page to find out what you need to know of in the first place.

Important Note:

You can create folders and place them on any of your Home screens. Doing so will give you quick access to any of your desired contents, as you can add shortcuts through the folder you've created.

Follow these steps whenever you're ready with your device.

A. How to Create Folders on Galaxy Tab S

1. Get the Home screen to get started.

2. In the Home screen, swipe your finger left or right over the Home screen indicator area to navigate to the Home screen area where you want to add/place the new folder you are about to create.

3. Now touch and hold a shortcut until you will be prompted with the edit screen.

The first thing you need, to create a folder is to add an application shortcut to a Home screen. To make this guide more comprehensive, let us use the Gallery app and add a Gallery shortcut to an empty Home screen.

4. Drag the selected shortcut (Gallery) to the Create folder icon, and then release it there.

5. Enter a folder name, and then touch Done.

When you assign a name to a folder, make it relevant to its content so it would be easy for you to identify and use later.

You can also add more shortcuts to the folder you create. Simply touch the plus icon (+) and put a check on the checkboxes next to the shortcuts you want to add.

6. You should now see your newly created folder placed on the Home screen. The next time you'll add other application shortcuts to the Home screen, just drag them into the folder you've created or make a different folder instead.

B. Create Apps page

One way to keep our app icons organized is by creating a new Apps page. This is how you create an Apps page on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S:

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen.

2. On the next screen, touch on the More Options icon (represented with a three-vertical-dots icon) located on the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Touch to select View as from the sub-menu options.

4. When prompted, touch Customizable grid.

Please note that a custom Apps page can only be created when your device is set to Customizable grid. So, it's necessary for you to set this option ON or enabled beforehand.

5. Touch on the More options icon again.

6. Touch to select Edit from the sub-menu items/options.

7. Now touch and hold any app icon you want to move to a new Apps page.

8. Drag the selected app icon to the Create page icon located at the top of the screen, then release it there.

9. To exit the Edit mode, touch the Back key.

You should now see your newly created Apps page showing on the screen. Just follow the same steps when you create another Apps page on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S, next time.

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