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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Starters Guide: Home screen, Apps menu, Screen Timeout, Quick Settings bar, Screen Touch Sensitivity

By: Gra | Monday, September 22, 2014


This article elaborates the simple ways to perform the following actions on the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone -- the latest Samsung smartphone that comes with a metal frame and an octa-core processor.

If you need help in how to get any of these things done on your new Samsung device, then you may refer to the following steps elaborated in this content.

You can start here right away or get back to this page whenever you're all set to begin.

A. Quick access to Home screen settings

You can get to the Home screen settings and make some changes to certain options or home screen features. Follow these steps:

1. Get to your phone's Home screen to get started.

2. Touch and hold on the Recent Apps key.

3. You will be prompted with the on-screen buttons. Use any of these buttons to make some changes to the Home screen settings and aspects, including the wallpaper and widgets.

B. Edit Apps menu

You can quickly make some changes to the Apps menu on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Simply follow these steps to get it done:

1. Touch on Apps from the Home screen.

2. Touch and hold on the Recent Apps key. An alternative way is by touching on the More button located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

3. To make a change to the Apps menu, touch an option from the Settings menu.

C. Adjust screen timeout

You can change the length of time or how long would it take for the screen to go dark (timeout) on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha using the following methods:

1. Touch on Apps from the Home screen.

2. Touch on the Settings icon to continue.

3. Touch on Display.

4. Touch on Screen Timeout, and then select your preferred delay from time from 15 seconds of no activity to 10 minutes of no activity. Reducing the screen timeout can also help conserve battery life on your device.

D. Add and remove Quick Settings bar buttons

You can add and remove buttons from the quick settings bar by accessing the notification panel on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Follow these steps:

1. Go to the Home screen.

2. Touch and hold on the Notification bar located at the top of the screen, then drag it down to show the notification panel.

3. Under the Notification panel in the quick settings bar, open the Quick Settings bar settings by touching the Quick Settings bar settings icon.

4. Touch on the Edit icon to continue.

5. To see all the buttons, scroll down. To add a button, drag any from the Available Buttons section and place or drop it into the Active Buttons section. If you want to remove a button, simply drag it from the Active Buttons section and move it back into the Available Buttons section.

6. Now save the recent changes you made by tapping on the back arrow.

7. To bring more settings buttons into view, drag your fingertip going left and right across the Quick Settings bar. Doing so will prompt you with the new buttons you've added. The buttons you have removed will not be visible.

E. Adjust Screen Touch Sensitivity

Some users are asking if it is possible to use the Samsung Galaxy Alpha while wearing gloves. The answer to this question is YES. How you ask? By adjusting the screen touch sensitivity on the phone settings.

These are the steps to adjust the screen touch sensitivity and use your Alpha handset even when you're wearing some gloves. A hint is to increase the sensitivity of your phone's touchscreen when you are using a touch pen or wearing gloves.

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen.

2. Select Settings.

3. Touch on Display.

4. Put a check mark on the box next to Increase touch sensitivity. Doing so will make your phone's screen more responsive to touches, even when you're wearing gloves.

Hope this helps. Please keep posted for more relevant contents and Samsung Galaxy Alpha tutorials.

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