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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Starters Guide: Connecting/Pairing Alpha to a Bluetooth device

By: Gra | Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This guide is intended for users of the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha who are trying to use or connect their phone to another device via Bluetooth. You too may refer to this content when necessary.

As usual, you need to turn on Bluetooth function on both devices, for them to be connected.

Here are the steps:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth device you want to connect to and make sure it is in a visible mode.

2. Now turn on Bluetooth on your Galaxy Alpha. You can do this by opening the Quick Panel.


To open the Quick Panel, swipe two fingers slightly apart from top to bottom of the screen, then touch the Bluetooth shortcut. Under the Bluetooth menu, check the Bluetooth transmitter and make sure the icon appears green. When it does, it means it is already turned on or enabled.

3. Once you've enabled Bluetooth on your Galaxy Alpha, it will start searching for any available Bluetooth-enabled devices in range. If the other device is turned on and is visible to other Bluetooth-enabled devices, it will appear in the list under Available Devices.

4. Locate your device in the list of Available devices, and then touch on it. Your phone will now attempt to establish connection with the other device.

5. If prompted, verify the password matches on both devices, then touch OK.

You may be asked for a PIN, especially if you are attempting to connect to an older Bluetooth device. Generally, the default PIN for many devices is 0000. You can try that PIN, in case you're not sure or couldn't remember it.

Although there are also some devices with PINs specific to the device. You can refer to the device's documentation for this information.

6. To make your device visible by other devices, put a check mark on the box next to Not visible to other Bluetooth devices or Only visible to paired devices. 

When the box is checked, you will see a timeout timer next to Visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices. Wait until the timer reaches 0:00, then place a check mark in the box again to reset the timer.

More tutorials and starter guides for Samsung Galaxy Alpha users will be offered on this site in the following days, so better keep posted.

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