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Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 5]

By: Unknown | Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hi guys! It's been quite a while since I posted the 4th part of the Samsung Galaxy S5 support series. I was really, really busy. But don't worry, here I am now and I will continue what I was doing. In fact, I've addressed 10 questions / problems in this post, so enjoy browsing through it and see if your problem is included. If not, don't worry, I'm already on it.

For those who have just tuned in, I answer questions and suggest solutions to any Android problem. You may contact me through email or join the Google+ community I created for this purpose.

Now, for the problems, please click any of the links below to go to that specific problem.

Contacts Lost After Factory Reset


I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. I was having problems with it so I decided to reset the whole phone and start fresh. Before I did that, I went to settings, user and backup, accounts, Google then clicked sync. 

Then after resetting my phone I went to the same place to sync it but none of my contacts appeared. I think I may have lost them all.


First of all, yes, I think you may have lost them during the reset. For contacts to sync, you must have an active internet connection and give the phone some time to sync all contacts; syncing doesn't happen in one second especially if you have a lot of them.

But I hope you used the same Google account because if not, then that's where the problem is. Try to double-check by logging in to your account through a browser. Once inside Gmail, click the Contacts link. If you have contacts in your account, it will be shown there.

If you also have setup a Samsung account prior to factory resetting your phone, you may also want to try syncing it with your phone because may be your contacts was synced with that account.

If no contacts appear even after you successfully synced both your Google and Samsung accounts, then the phone may not have backed them up before you did factory reset. It will take time to recover those but if you already did, avoid making the same mistake. One way to effectively and efficiently back up your contacts is by exporting them to your SD card.

Notifications Stop If Not Connected To Wi-Fi


Hi, I somehow managed to turn off my notifications when not on Wi-Fi. Do you know how to fix this? It is so annoying, as soon as I walk in to my house I get all of them.


First of all, I would assume that when you said 'notifications' you mean notifications that require internet connection. Notifications for SMS messages don't need internet.

Your problem may be caused by two things: either mobile data is disabled on your phone or the device was set not to automatically switch between networks.

The first I want you to check is whether your mobile data was turned on or not. Go to Settings > Data usage > Mobile data should be checked. If Set mobile data limit is checked, there's a possibility you have reached your limit, so for now, uncheck that. Once you've made sure mobile data is enabled on your phone, turn off your Wi-Fi (if you're at home) and try browsing the web or sending an email to yourself. If you can do that, then notifications will come in even if your phone isn't connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

If, however, mobile data is enabled upon checking, then the phone doesn't automatically switch between networks. To rectify this, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Menu > Advanced > make sure Smart network switch is enabled.

These two procedures alone can fix your problem.

Mobile Data Connectivity Issue



I have been spending hours and hours to sort out this problem trying various options. I have been trying to use mobile data connection using my S5 and the international roaming package that I have already subscribed for.

With few attempts I am able to see the icon in the front panel indicating the mobile data (H+) transmission arrow flashing continuously, but I don't see the receive data arrow flashing at least once.

What could be the problem? Please advise.

Best Regards,



Hi Sajeeve, the data download will not start if there are no apps that require the use of internet. So, when you're connected to mobile data network, try to launch the browser and browse to any website (or anything that require internet) to see if the down arrow shows up. If you're still not getting that down arrow and cannot browse to any website, then there is no data download.

If this was the case, there must be something wrong with the APN Settings on your phone; make sure you have everything correct. If you don't know the correct APN, I suggest you call your service provider and ask for it.

Screen Goes Blank When Entering A Number



When I', making a call and am prompted to press the number one for something specific, then I put my finger over the number the screen turns black. It only does it when I try to press the number one. Please help!




This is a rare issue, Benjamin, and to be honest, I never encountered this problem before. I'm curios, what happens when you dial a phone number with number 1 in it?

But I'm thinking perhaps it's just a thing with proximity sensor. You see, when in call, the screen will turn off automatically when you put the phone near your face. When you tap the number 1 on the dialer, make sure your hand doesn't cover the proximity sensor, which is located at the top-most area.

If the problem, however, persists, I can't think of anything that could potentially fix it than factory reset. Please don't forget to backup your data before doing so. Here's a couple of articles that can walk you through it:

Email Quits Syncing After Two Weeks


Good evening, I just ran across your posts and hope you can help me. I've had the 5 since beginning of May and have been very frustrated with it. One of my reoccurring issues is that my email stops receiving messages every couple of weeks. I've had to delete and re-add my email account at least 5 times. I use network solutions an d set it up as pop3. Any suggestions? -- Marcee


Marcee, while this problem is not common I know a couple of guys who had this problem before. I am yet to look into this issue even further considering it only happens to people that use custom email addresses or those provided by domain registrars. But the thing is, this specific problem also happens with the stock Email app, so there are two sides I need to look into. I will get back to you as soon as I find answers.

As a workaround, please try using K-9 email app. Those I know that were having this problem claimed their email service hasn't been interrupted since. I know that's not the ultimate fix but try to see if you can get your email working for months without having problems.

Network Mode Options Greyed Out


Dear Harold,

The network mode on my new Galaxy S5 which is meant to enable me switch from 2G to 3G and 4G network is frozen and not clickable. Please help me. What can I do 'cause the network is just automatically on edge.


It's apparently just a glitch often caused by third-party apps or services. To rectify it, boot the phone in Safe Mode and toggle between network mode. There are two things that could happen when you're in Safe Mode, it's either the switch remains greyed out or active. If it's the latter, then problem solved. Otherwise, you need to wipe the cache partition.

Galaxy S5 KitKat Update Woe


Hi, I just bought an S5 yesterday and I'm scared to update it cause of the S4 KitKat update, the micro card issue it never worked even after rooting and patching, odin, once in a while it will work but anyways I'm scared that this will do this to my new S5 and the microSD card is 64 GB. -- Garnett


I understand your concern, Garnett. As of writing, there are no reports of microSD cards being damaged due to KitKat update on Galaxy S5, so your external storage is safe, although it's beyond our control if it becomes corrupt someway, somehow. I can see your techie enough to root your Galaxy S4 and install patches using ODIN, so you probably don't need help updating your phone. Also, S5 was released with KK running on it so the update you're getting, if there's one, should be minor and probably just brings bug fixes and enhancements. More often, these kinds of updates are harmless.

Galaxy S5 Active Can't Send / Receive MMS


Hi Harold, 

My problem is I have a S5 Active, can't receive or send text pictures. when I try the error says data is off but my data is on hope you can help. 



Hello Steven, glitches happen all the time and I believe this is one of them. I suggest you toggle the mobile data switch to off and then reboot your phone. Once the devices is up and active, turn mobile data on again and see if that takes care of it. Otherwise, call AT&T and ask for correct APN settings for your device. It must be the APN since mobile data can be turned on yet the phone cannot connect to the network.

Phone Rings Once Then Pauses


My Samsung S5 rings once and then goes silent for a few seconds and then rings again once. This is the pattern of ringing and this ends up in missing the call since it is not ringing continuously. How can this problem be rectified? -- Reshmi


When you say "few seconds" you mean to say 2 to 3 seconds, right? I'm not really sure if there's a problem here or not because I'm thinking may be the issue is just with the ringtone you're using. Try to bring the phone's setting back to default and see if that helps. I cannot quite find something I can consider a problem with your description.

Cannot Boot Phone In Recovery Mode


Hi dear, I want to do hard reset of my s5 but when I press all three button , there is no appearance of any option for hard reset only screen show flashing of Samsung Galaxy S5. -- Dr. Muhammad Azhar


I think you're doing it wrong, Doc. That's why you cannot get the phone to boot in recovery mode. To make it easier for you, here's how you do it:

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up button
  2. Press and hold the Home button without letting go of the Vol Up button.
  3. Press and hold the Power button (without letting go of the other two). 
  4. When the phone vibrates, let go of the Power button but continue holding the other two until you reach the Android System Recovery screen. 

I hope this helps.

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