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Samsung Galaxy S5: 'Not Registered On Network' Error

By: Unknown | Saturday, September 6, 2014


I received four emails from my readers yesterday seeking help because they're getting the "Not Registered on Network" error message on their Samsung Galaxy S5. That's the reason why I'm writing about this topic now.

I tried googling the problem and thanks goodness there were only very few Galaxy S5 owners who experienced this. Well, it means that it isn't a bug or a firmware issue.

Having worked as a tech support for a wireless company in the U.S. I already have a hint of what the problem is. The fact is it's not really a problem. To make things simpler, the error message is already telling you what the problem is--it is not registered on the network it's trying to connect to or get data from.

If you've read some solutions suggesting to hit the Power and Home buttons several times, that's not gonna work. The problem isn't with the phone.

Solution: Call the service provider!

For this issue, that is the most logical thing to do. Now, let me explain briefly on that…

New phones, especially GSM models or those that require a SIM card, are already pre-activated. Meaning their serial numbers (IMEI) are already in your service provider's system. The same is true with SIM cards; their serial numbers (often referred to as SIM Card numbers and not the actual phone number assigned to it) are already in the system.

When the SIM card is mounted on the phone and the device starts for the first time, the system will automatically provision the phone to get service. If provisioning failed, the phone either displays 'No Service' or 'Not Registered on Network' error message. There's nothing an end-user can do to rectify the failure so he/she needs to call tech support.

MORE SOLUTIONS: Samsung Galaxy S5 Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

During my tenure as a tech support, I receive a lot of provisioning calls every shift. Calls like this won't last a minute as I just have to click a couple of buttons to enable the service especially for prepaid services.

Question: Does the 'Not registered on network' error caused by a faulty SIM card?
Answer: No. If the SIM card were faulty, it would display 'No SIM card inserted'.

Question: My new Galaxy S5 displays 'not registered on network' after I inserted the SIM card. Can factory reset fix this problem?
Answer: Nope. Factory reset is used to bring the phone back to its default settings. It's not needed for new phones.

If you're experiencing network problems with your phone, the first thing you should do is call your service provider before troubleshooting on your own especially if the procedure would require you to change some network configurations.

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