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How To Delete Picasa Photos / Albums on Samsung Galaxy S5

By: Unknown | Sunday, September 28, 2014


Deleting Picasa pictures and/or albums is easy but I actually received a lot of emails from my readers complaining about deleted pictures reappearing in the gallery. In fact, I was hesitant to write this post because; first, I don't use Picasa (or stopped using it because I switched to Google+ Photos); second, well, how hard can it be to delete pictures?

Out of curiosity, I tried to replicate the problem. I uploaded a photo on Picasa Web, synced my phone so the photo would appear in the gallery. It was successful. I also successfully deleted the photo, it reappeared simply because the sync was on. So, I turned off the sync, and deleted the photo again. It was still there and that's when I decided to write about it. And by the way, I have successfully deleted the photo and here's how to do it.

  1. Disable sync on you Google account.
  2. Delete the picture(s) from the gallery.
  3. Close the Gallery app and re-open it.
  4. Try to see if the photo is still there. If yes, clear the data. Don't worry, the Gallery app doesn't "store" your photos, rather it manages them. So, if you photos are saved in the microSD card or the internal storage of your phone, they will not be deleted if you cleared its data.
At this point, your problem may have already been solved. However, there is a big chance those photos will reappear in the gallery if the sync was turned on. If you don't want to keep those photos anymore, you can delete them from Picasa. Just log in to picasaweb.google.com and delete those photos from your account.

After they were deleted, turn on the sync once again and try to see if they reappeared. If so, then repeat the process and this time, go to your Google+ account, then Photos. I'm certain you can find them there. You need to delete them from your Google+ account as well. That's it!

If you have questions, suggestions or need clarifications, don't hesitate to leave your comment below or email me at harold@droidista.com.

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