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How To Fix / Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S5 That Is Very Slow

By: Unknown | Thursday, September 25, 2014


It's just a few months since the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 but I've already received a lot of emails complaining about its performance. The following is one of the emails I received; short but to the point.

"Help, my Samsung Galaxy S5 has become terribly slow, how can I make it faster?"

Some owners said they just woke up one day and their phone started to act crazy while others said they were getting errors here and there.

Before anything else, let me clarify something. The word 'slow' in this post means the phone's performance is poor or the device itself is not as responsive as it should. For those who may be experiencing problems when browsing the web, you may be experiencing a 'slow browsing issue' and your connection or service provider may be the cause. The problem I tackle in this post is totally different.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Slow Due To Errors

Not only do error messages annoy you, they also slows down your phone depending where the error originated from. If an error was caused by a third-party app, then it's crashing and one way to address it is to update it if necessary. It would also help if you cleared its cache and data. In case the problem persisted after those procedures, try uninstalling and re-installing the app. If all else fails, uninstall the app from the phone and never use it.

For errors caused by pre-installed apps and core services, it is much complicated. You need to determine which service or app is crashing. For example, the error message "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped" is telling you that the service that lets you manage almost all settings in your phone and that of your apps is crashing. Since you cannot go to Settings menu, you cannot clear the cache or data.

In this case, you need to boot the phone in Safe Mode and observe its performance. If the device performed well and didn't crash, it means that the problem was still caused by a third-party app even though the error was explicitly saying a core service, i.e. Settings, crashed. However, if it crashed in safe mode, then one of the pre-installed apps is causing the issue or the firmware itself is causing the crash.

While in safe mode, do your best to backup all your important data because there are only two ways you can rectify this problem; either it can be fixed by wiping the cache partition or by doing the full factory reset.

Boot the phone in recovery mode and wipe cache partition first. After the reboot, observe the phone closely and if it still crashed, boot in recovery again and perform factory reset from there. DO NOT attempt to reset the phone via the Settings menu because you'll never know when it crashes. If the reset is interrupted, there is a possibility that the firmware or some data would be corrupted and this leads to more complicated issues.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Became Slow After An Update

This is not the same as what others call "bad update." The most common cause of the slowing down after an update is either some data were corrupted during the processor Android is still using previous app caches.

The first thing to do is to reboot the phone, at least, three times after the update to make sure all applications have been optimized to work seamlessly with the new firmware. If that didn't fix the issue and you have tons of important data in your phone, try wiping the cache partition.

For owners who can afford to lose all data in their phones, immediately proceed to factory reset. I, myself, am a fan of this procedure. If my phone shows any signs of poor performance, I will immediately do the master reset as I don't keep data in my phone I can't afford to lose.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Slow Since Day 1

No one wants to use a defective phone. So, if this is the case, don't wait for day 2 and have the phone replaced on the same day if possible.

By default, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was set to work in optimum performance. The moment you turn it off, you will be welcomed by its best performance. If you've experienced otherwise, then there's a problem with the unit.

Service providers will replace the unit no questions asked.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Slows Down After Hours Of Gaming

It's obvious the phone needs a break when it slows down after hours of gaming and it's normal. With the phone's hardware specs, it is often inevitable it overheats when its processes are always in hyper drive.

Imagine this, the screen, battery, processor and RAM are placed close to each other and each of these produces heat over time. The heat will be doubled if you were gaming for hours with the phone plugged in to its charger.

Even desktop computers slow down when their processors became extremely hot. The same thing happens to mobile phones with powerful specs.

Of course, to fix this problem, you have to let the phone cool down. But I suggest you turn it off and remove the battery as it will make the cooling down process quicker.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Slows Down While Using A Certain App

It's apparently an app issue and no other. If the app in question is a third-party, reinstalling it might just fix the problem. Otherwise, it would be wise to just uninstall it from your phone. There's no point is using an app that makes your phone go loco.

For pre-installed apps, try to investigate a little deeper as to the cause of the problem. There are times when pre-installed apps slow down due to third-parties. The best example is the Gallery that is synced to multiple accounts that store your pictures and videos like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc.

Clearing the cache and data may solve the problem but you may lose some of your important data if you haven't backed them up.


Performance-related problems with Galaxy S5 are often caused by apps or its firmware. But before you can fix those problems, you have to know what the root cause is. That is the very purpose of troubleshooting procedures I provide. So, be systematic in finding the culprit to avoid even more complicated issues with your phone.

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