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Ultimate Guide on Using Hancom Viewer on Samsung Galaxy Tab S

By: Gra | Friday, August 29, 2014


Hancom Viewer or Handcom Office Viewer is an application that allows you to open Microsoft Office and PDFs, view spreadsheets, presentations and documents. You can use Hancom Viewer on Samsung Galaxy Tab versions 4, and on the new Galaxy Tab S.

The following guide will help you use the Hancom Viewer app on your Galaxy S tablet. You may start whenever you're ready.

1. Go to the Home screen, and then touch Apps to get started.

2. Tap the Hancom Office Viewer icon to launch the application.

3. The first time you launch or open the app, it will extract and install the necessary files to open documents, automatically. When the process is completed, you will be taken to the Hancom Viewer main screen. The main screen typically contains a list of file names of recently opened documents. However, if this is the first time you launch the app after installation, you'll see no recent documents shown yet.

//The Hancom Viewer Main Screen

Among the available options you can choose to configure on the left panel are as follow:

1. Recent Documents - this option lets you view a list of recently opened documents.

2. Open - this option lets you browse the file folders on your tablet.

3. All Documents - this option lets you view all documents on your tablet.

4. Cloud - this option lets you view documents that are saved or stored in the cloud.

5. About - this option lets you view online support topics, end user agreements and copyright information.

6. Close - this option closes the application.

7. Office Update - this option lets you download the full version of Hancom Office.

The full version of the application allows you to edit office documents. It has a PC-like user interface and usability that are similar to that of a desktop suite, wherein you can easily create and save documents in different formats.

In order to update Hancom Office app, you will need to use a Samsung account. If you haven't signed in to your Samsung account, you will be asked to do so.

Follow these steps to Create or Edit Office Documents with Hancom Office full version:

1. Touch Office Update, under Hancom Viewer Main screen options.

2. Touch Accept.

3. Touch Update to begin update.

4. Read App permissions message, and then touch Accept and download. The update will now begin.

5. Wait until the download and installation is finished, then touch Open.

6. Under the Hancom Office Updater, touch Install or Update next to the app name. Use the same step for each additional app.

7. To install the application, touch Install or Update then Accept and download.

8. Wait until the process is complete.

9. Once done, touch Back to go back to the previous screen.

The following are Hancom apps that will be installed on your tablet after updating to full version of the app.

1. Hword - used for creating, viewing and editing of word-processing documents. Similar to MS-Word program on Windows computers.

2. Hcell - used for creating, viewing and editing of spreadsheets. Similar to MS-Excel program on Windows computers.

3. Hshow - used for creating, viewing, and editing of presentations. Similar to MS-PowerPoint on Windows computers.

All these make document processing possible, easier, and handy on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

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