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Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Errors and How To Fix Them [2nd Batch]

By: Unknown | Saturday, August 2, 2014


[UPDATE 8/15]:  I just published the fourth part of this series with six problems addressed: Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Errors and Solutions [Part 4]

UPDATE: The 3rd batch has just been published: Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Errors and Solutions [3rd Batch]

Hello guys. This post is basically the same as the one I posted a few days ago but this one has different problems sent through email by my readers. If you, too, have problems with your Android phone, do not hesitate to contact me personally through my email address, harold@droidista.com. Please provide as much details as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Stutters Stream Pandora

Problem: Hello Harold, thanks for making yourself available for us Android users. Actually I got your contact information from TheDroidGuy.com, which I've been following for months now and I enjoyed every support article you published there. 

By the way, I have a problem with my new Galaxy S5. I have Wi-Fi at home so when I go to work, the phone switches automatically to use mobile data and that's when the problem happens. It just can't stream Pandora like what my Galaxy S3 did (I upgraded from S3) and I'm using the same SIM card. What I mean is that, when I stream media files, the playback stutters then the streaming buffers and eventually stops. I know it's not really a big issue but it's very annoying. 

I would greatly appreciate it if you can provide a solution to this problem. Thanks. -- Jerry

Solution: Hi Jerry, thanks for following my posts. I'm still writing for TheDroidGuy.com, it's just that I wasn't feeling well this past few days that's why I haven't posted many support articles this week.

About your problem, it seems like the problem isn't with your phone but with your network. I assume that this problem happens only when you're at work and when the phone uses mobile data. But before we can actually conclude, try to check if the same thing happens when you choose a different Network mode. Go to Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Network mode.

For example, if you're currently using LTE to connect your service provider's network, try to change it to use 3G or 4G and stream Pandora again. If the same thing happens, perform speed tests on both connections and take note of the results, then call your service provider. The rep should know the speed you should be getting. Again, this is more of a network problem than an issue with the phone.

LTE Data Often Drops On Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi Harold. Have you heard of an issue with Galaxy S5 LTE connection that keeps dropping even if connection is active? That's what's happening with me and I already asked a lot of people including my provider's tech support (T-Mobile) but they seem to know how to master reset my phone. Well, I already tried doing that but it's still the same, LTE data still drops. Honestly, I'm fed up with all this and I'm thinking of going back to using Apple and signing up with other provider. If you have a suggestion how to fix this, that would be great. Thanks. -- Seph

Solution: Hello Seph. This problem proves that LTE still has a lot of problems. Actually, you're not the only having this problem and it happens to owners from other networks as well.

I tried to go over T-Mobile's support community [http://support.t-mobile.com/message/388704#388704] and I found an active thread talking about this very same problem. There seems to be no solution from T-Mo at the moment but other users have a workaround--creating a new APN and taking IPV6 out of the equation.

According to one user, creating an identical APN except for the "APN Protocol" will keep your LTE data stable. All you need to do is go to Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > T-Mobile US LTE. If you can edit the existing APN, then you just to change the APN Protocol to IPV4, otherwise, you need to create a new one and make it the default APN.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Not Working

Problem: Hi Harold, I read your article How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Known Problems and Error Messages at Droidista. I couldn't find an answer for my problem; I can't open the fingerprint scanner. It says that I have to restart my phone, I'd try it all, restart, factory reset and nothing happens. I'm from Argentine and i bought my phone in US so here Samsung doesn´t cover me with the warranty ('cool') do you have any knowledge of this kind of trouble? Thanks a lot.-- Santiago

Solution: Hello Santiago. While fingerprint technology is a good feature Samsung integrated into it's new flagship, everybody knows their technology is far from perfection and there have already been a lot of users complaining about the phone's capability to recognize fingerprints. But about your problem, I never encountered that. The Fingerprint Scanner app came pre-installed with the phone, thus, the app itself was tied to the firmware. So, if there's an issue with it, I'm almost certain it's a firmware problem as well.
I think the best course of action for you right now is to check if there's an available update. There were already a few updates that were rolled out for the Galaxy S5 so if you haven't downloaded the latest yet, try to do so using KIES. Perhaps that could fix the problem with the Fingerprint Scanner app.

Multiple Problems With Galaxy S5

Problems: Good morning Harold,

Thanks so much for your assistance with our problems.  Just got the S5 four days ago, upgraded from S3.  Was so excited to get it but now, I think I got a lemon.  :-(  Phone says I have the latest software.

On my new S5, I've got several issues:

• My notification lights do not work at all.  Does not blink for messages, missed calls, email, etc.  Went to Settings->Display->LED Indicator...Charging, Low Battery, and Notifications are all checked.  To try a fix, I unchecked these options, rebooted, re-checked them, rebooted--no difference. 

Checked Settings->Applications->Messages... Notifications is also turned on here.  BTW, Blocking Mode is turned off.  When I look at the lock screen (due to timeout), it does say I have a missed call on a banner across the screen and after unlock, the notification area does show a missed call icon...so the telephone app knows I have had a call but the alerts app doesn't seem to know. 

• Smart Alert does not seem to be working.  Went to Setting->Motions and Gestures...Smart Alert is on.  When I pick up my phone, it does not alert by vibrating if I have a missed call or message but I'm thinking it might have something to do with my alerts problem above.

• Lastly, when I'm on a call and the phone is to my ear, after a few seconds, my phone screen goes blank (which I'm used to from the old phone) but when I take the phone away from my face, the screen does not light back up like it did with my S3.  It stays dark and the return key and menu keys at the bottom do not work because the screen has turned itself off.  While on a call, if I want to open another app--maybe calendar--I have to hit the oblong button in the middle to wake the screen up.  On my S3, the screen came back on automatically once I took it away from my face.  Smart Stay is turned on.

Whew!  I'm hoping you know of some reason behind these gremlins in my phone.  I want so bad to love my S5 but so far, we are off to a rocky relationship.

Thanks for any help you can provide. -- Sherri

Suggestion: Hello, Sherri. That's a lot of problem for a new phone. There could be remedies or workarounds for these problems but my question is; what if there's a problem with any of the phone's hardware? If these issues came out of the box, there's no point in troubleshooting it. If I were you, I would immediately have it replaced.

I'm sure you don't want a phone that already has problems the first time you use it and based on the problems you mentioned, the cause may be serious manufacturing flaw. So, again, no need to troubleshoot them, just have the phone replaced as soon as possible.

Email your problems

For the last couple of years I've been providing free support online. So, if you have problem with your Android phone, feel free to send your emails at harold@droidista.com. I will answer your questions and provide solutions to problems as long as I can.

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