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How to set up/enable/use Text to Speech on Samsung Galaxy S5

By: Gra | Saturday, August 16, 2014


Similar to other new Galaxy devices, Samsung Galaxy S5 also integrates the Text-to-Speech function. It's a very handy feature that works by translating texts into voice, like having a book read out loud, thus, helping those with visual impairments use the phone with all ease.

For those who haven't yet tried using this feature on their Galaxy S5 handset, here's how to get started.


English language is already installed and available to use on the Galaxy S5, so if you are using Text-to-speech in English, it should be just quick.

1. Set Up and Enable Text-to-Speech with the following steps.

a. Touch App from any Home screen.
b. Touch Settings.
c. Scroll to System in the next screen.
d. Touch Language & input.
e. Touch Text-to-speech options under Speech.
f. Choose your preferred TTS engine. Among the options available are Samsung t-text-to-speech engine and Google Text-to-speech engine.
g. Touch the Settings icon next to your preferred search engine.
h. Touch Install voice data.

If you select Samsung text-to-speech engine, it is likely that the desired language may already be downloaded. However, you too may opt to downloading a higher quality version.

i. Touch Download or the Download icon next to your preferred language.
j. Wait until the language downloads are completed. It could take a few minutes.
k. Once downloads are done, touch the Back key.
l. Touch Language to select the language you want to use.

Now that you've already chosen the TTS language to use, please proceed with turning on TalkBack on your Galaxy S5.

2. Steps to Turn on TalkBack on your Galaxy S5

a. Touch Apps from Any Home screen.
b. Touch Settings.
c. Scroll to Personalization.
d. Touch Accessibility.
e. Touch Direct access under More Settings.
f. Turn on the Direct Access switch by sliding it right. Doing so enables your Accessibility settings.

Another way to enable your Accessibility settings is by pressing the Home key three times in a quick succession.

g. Touch TalkBack to turn the feature on or make it enabled.

You can use TTS when on car mode. Car mode on the Galaxy S5 also comprises S Voice features optimized mainly for driving. You will have to accept the S Voice Samsung disclaimer in S Voice beforehand, for you to use car mode.

3. Follow these steps to turn on Driving mode on your phone:

a. Touch the Status bar from any Home screen, and drag it down.
b. Touch the More quick settings icon.
c. Touch Car mode (represented with an icon filled with color).
d. Read the message on the prompt, and tap Open S Voice to continue.
e. Follow any additional prompts (if applicable) to complete the process.

Car mode should now be enabled and ready for use on your phone.

Before we end this tutorial, just in case you would want to change or modify Text-to-speech settings, here's a quick guide.

4. Modify Text-to-speech Settings on the Galaxy S5. 

Text to speech feature reads messages out loud, so you can listen to text or messages instead of just reading them.

a. Touch Apps from any Home screen.
b. Touch Settings.
c. Scroll to Phone.
d. Touch Language & keyboard.
e. Touch Speech rate and adjust how fast you want the text to be spoken.
f. Touch the Settings icon next to your preferred TTS engine (Samsung or Google).
g. Select the TTS first, for you to touch the Settings icon.
h. To adjust the spoken language, touch Language.
i. Touch adjust any other desired settings.

4. Modify TalkBack Settings on your Samsung Galaxy S5 

Here are the steps to make some changes on your phone's TalkBack function.

a. Touch Apps from any Home screen.
b. Touch Settings.
c. Touch My device tab.
d. Touch Accessibility.
e. Select TalkBack.
f. Touch Settings.
g. Tap to adjust your preferred settings.

And that's all about Text-to-speech settings on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Hope this helps.

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