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How to Change/Enable/Disable SIM PIN on Samsung Galaxy S5

By: Gra | Friday, August 22, 2014


This content will walk you through locking and unlocking SIM PIN on your Samsung Galaxy S5. If you too need some help in completing the process, you then can refer to this guide.

We tried our best to simplify the process so as to make it easier to perform, especially by those who are new to the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Elaborated here are standard procedures in changing and enabling/disabling of SIM PIN on the Galaxy S5 handset.

Follow these steps:

A. Steps to Change SIM PIN code on GS 5

1. Touch Apps from any Home screen to begin with.

2. Touch Settings to continue.

3. In the next screen, scroll to System, then touch Security.

4. Select Set up SIM card lock.

5. If required, touch Lock SIM card. Doing so will select or mark the check box and turn on or enable SIM card lock on your phone.

6. Touch Change SIM PIN.

7. Now type in your current SIM PIN.

8. Touch OK.

9. Next, enter or type in your new SIM PIN.

10. Touch OK.

11. Re-enter or re-type your new SIM PIN.

12. Touch OK to confirm and complete the process. Your SIM PIN is now changed.

B. Steps to Enable/Disable SIM PIN

The SIM PIN code is used to protect your SIM from being used in other devices. You can turn on the SIM PIN lock and the device will prompt you to enter the code after turning it on.

Here are the steps to lock and unlock SIM card on your Galaxy S5.

1. Touch Apps from any Home screen.

2. Touch Settings.

3. Scroll to System, then touch Security.

4. Touch the select Set up SIM card lock.

  • If you want to turn on SIM PIN, touch Lock SIM card to select the check box. Once the check box is selected, enter or type in your SIM PIN, then touch OK.
  • If the SIM PIN is enabled and you want to turn it OFF, touch Lock SIM card to remove the check from or clear the checkbox. Once the checkbox is cleared, entery your SIM PIN and touch OK to complete the process. SIM PIN is now disabled on your device.

That's all  for this guide to change, enable and disable SIM PIN on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Hope this helps!

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