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A complete guide to Use Music Player on Samsung Galaxy S5

By: Gra | Thursday, August 21, 2014


Want to spend your idle time listening to your favorite music tracks on your Samsung Galaxy S5, yet not sure how to use the music player on your device? Well, it's a good thing you're here.

The article you're currently reading will walk you through using the music player on your Galaxy S5, to listen to audio files you've downloaded or transferred to your phone.

Learn how to create a playlist, add audio file to a playlist, play an audio file, navigate to next or previous audio file, turn repeat on or off, turn shuffle on or off, and adjust the sound volume.

To use the music player on your Galaxy S5, begin by finding the Music application. Follow these steps:

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen.
2. Touch Music. This will launch the music app menu, wherein you can see the Playlists, Tracks, Albums, Artists, etc.

Once you're in the Music App menu, you can now do any of the following:

A. Create your own Playlist. Follow these steps to create a playlist on your Galaxy S5 music player:

a. Touch the Playlists button.

b. Touch the Menu icon at the upper-right corner or the screen. It's the one represented by three vertical dots.

c. Touch the select Create playlist from the sub-menu items.

d. Enter a name you like to assign to your playlist.

e. Touch the OK button to complete action.

B. Add audio files to your Playlist. Now that you've already created your own playlist, you may now start adding audio files into it. Follow these steps:

a. Get to your Playlist. Since you just have it created, it's still empty or has no tracks.

b. To populate your playlist with your favorite music files, touch the Add (+) icon. You may copy or download music files directly to your playlist.

c. To transfer music files, go to Tracks and touch to select the audio files you want to be added into your playlist. Or you can touch the box next to Select All to select all music files at once.

d. Touch Done after selecting tracks to transfer/add. All selected files will now be transferred or added into your Playlist.

e. Press the Return key, when done.

C. Play Audio File. After transferring or adding music files into your Playlist, you may now begin playing them. Follow these steps to play audio file on your S5:

a. Launch the Music application.
b. Once you're in the Music menu, touch your preferred category, like Playlists, Tracks, Albums, etc.
c. Go to the playlist or audio file you want to play.
d. Touch the audio file you want to listen to.
e. Enjoy the music.

D. Navigate to next or previous audio file. You can skip to the next or previous audio file, while playing certain music file on the music player. Follow these steps:

a. To go to the next music or audio file, touch the Arrow right.
b. To go back to the previous music or audio file, touch the Arrow left twice.
c. To fast forward or rewind the current audio file or music, touch the indicator bar (line) located at the bottom of the screen and then slide it right or left.

E. Turn Shuffle ON/OFF. The shuffle icon is located on top-left of the indicator bar. It's the one represented by two-arrows-going-right with slanting bar on it. Simply touch that icon to turn shuffle on or off.

F. Turn Repeat ON/OFF. The repeat icon is located on top-right of the indicator bar. It's the one represented by an right-arrow with a big letter A on it. Touch that icon repeatedly to select the required setting. You can let the music player repeat one or more audio files.

G. Adjust the sound volume. To turn the music volume high or low, press the upper or lower part of the Volume key on your phone.

Once you've set the sound to a desired volume, you may now go back to the Home screen by pressing the Home key and then enjoy listening to your favorite music tracks.

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