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Samsung Galaxy S5 Quick Connect Problem: Cannot find target device Galaxy Tab S

By: Gra | Monday, July 7, 2014


This is an easy guide to troubleshoot problem using Quick Connect on Samsung Galaxy S5, in which the user cannot find the "target device" to send files to. This would be so quick.

Problem details:

"I tried to use Quick Connect on my Galaxy S5 but I cannot find the "target device" I want to send some of my files to."

If you encounter the same problem, first thing you'll need to do is ensure that Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth feature is activated or enabled on the devices, especially if the Target device does not have the Quick Connect feature.

A. For Bluetooth Connection and the Receiver device is Galaxy S5:

1. For connection through Bluetooth, and the receiver device is your Samsung Galaxy S5, tap and hold Bluetooth on the indication panel.

2. Enable the option "Galaxy S5 Visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices on Receiver device."

B. For Wi-Fi Direct Connection and the Receiver device is Galaxy S5:

1. For connection through Wi-Fi Direct, connect the (sender/receiver) devices via Wi-Fi Direct in More options.

2. Tap on the icon represented by 3 vertical dots on the upper right corner next to Wi-Fi Direct.

3. Tap to select Wi-Fi Direct from the available options.

4. Scroll down to select the sender device from you want to connect with your Galaxy S5. In the illustrated image below, Galaxy Tab S is the selected.

You should now see your receiver device (Galaxy S5) connected to the Galaxy Tab S. You may now retry sending files from the Galaxy Tab S to your Galaxy S5.

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