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Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessibility: Enable/Disable TalkBack feature

By: Gra | Thursday, July 24, 2014


Samsung indeed crafted its Galaxy smartphones, including the new Galaxy S5, usable by everyone including those with visual and hearing impairments. All the user needs to do is to activate certain accessibility feature on the phone.

In this guide, we elaborate the steps on how to set up and use the accessibility features on the Galaxy S5. You may refer to this content if you want or need some help getting through the process.

1. To get started, go to the Home screen and then touch Apps.

2. Touch Settings to continue.

3. Scroll to and touch Accessibility under Settings screen.

4. You will then be prompted with the Accessibility screen. Touch Vision to set up TalkBack.


With the TalkBack feature on, your phone will read aloud your current menu location and on-screen prompts or instructions to help those blind or low-vision users in using the phone with ease.

5. Touch TalkBack.

6. Toggle the on/off slider next to TalkBack going right to turn the feature ON.

Once the TalkBack feature is enabled, you will see the ON caption under it.

6. If prompted, read the TalkBack permissions and touch OK to proceed.

7. To turn off features that cannot be activated or enabled while Talkback in ON, touch OK.

8. To continue the Tutorial, double-touch Next, otherwise double-touch Exit to quit the tutorial.

9. Go back to the screen by pressing the Home key.

You now have enabled the TalkBack feature on your phone. If you want to turn TalkBack off, just swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom with two fingers spread apart. This will launch the Notification Panel.

10. Double-touch the notifications option saying, TalkBack has been turned on.

11. Double-touch Vision. You'll then get to the Accessibility screen.

12. Double-touch TalkBack.

13. Double-touch the slider next to TalkBack going left, to disable or turn off the feature.

14. You will be prompted with a Stop TalkBack message query. Double-touch OK to confirm disabling of TalkBack feature.

The TalkBack feature is now turned off.

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