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Samsung Galaxy S5 4G / 4G LTE Connectivity Keeps Dropping

By: Unknown | Sunday, July 13, 2014


I received emails from my readers reporting about what seems to be a common problem with the Samsung Galaxy S5's 4G LTE mobile data connectivity. The phone can connect to the network alright but multiple times a day, mobile data disconnects. The worse thing is it won't come back on unless the owner does something with the phone to re-establish the connection.

Two of the most common workarounds are reboot and toggling the airplane mode switch on and off. According to owners who have encountered this problem, the workarounds work every time but then again, it's not a permanent solution because after a few hours the connectivity may be disrupted again. Here's a couple of emails I've received related to the problem...

Hi Harold, I'm your follower at TheDroidGuy.com. Since you haven't covered Galaxy S5 there yet, I want to ask you directly. My problem is that my internet connection often drops. I use mobile data and I get my service from T-Mobile. I already called my service provider regarding this problem but I was advised to perform factory reset. I didn't do it. The phone is pretty new and I installed a few apps. Are you familiar with this issue? -- Jenny

Hi Droidista, my name is Kelly and I recently purchased Samsung Galaxy S5 and subscribed with T-Mobile's unlimited service. I can connect to the network just fine and I can browse, download files and basically everything you can do on the internet...but not for long.  Almost every hour my connection drops and I have restart the phone so I can browse the internet again. Is there a way to fix this problem? -- Manilyn

I dug a little deeper to find more facts about this problem and I found out it is common to one service provider. So, with the phone still could reconnect to the network after a reboot, it means there's no problem with its hardware; it is more of a network problem than anything else. The best course of action is to call your service provider if you, too, are experiencing this problem because when it comes to network-related issues, we can only do so much.

However, I would advise you reboot your phone or toggle the airplane mode switch on and off to regain connectivity. Unless Samsung or your provider releases a patch that will fix this problem, there's nothing you can do about it.

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