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How To Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S5 Blank Screen Problem

By: Unknown | Tuesday, July 22, 2014


There is an issue concerning Samsung Galaxy S5's display. I received at least 3 emails with the same problem--the screen goes blank and the phone unresponsive. The funny thing is that it's not carrier-specific since all three emails came from owners from different service providers.

To give a clearer perspective on what's really happening, here are the emails sent to my mailbox (harold@droidista.com) regarding this problem:

Harold, hi! My name is Martha that I have a problem with my new Samsung Galaxy S5 from Sprint. There are times when the screen just goes blank and whatever I do the phone won't turn back on. I'm not sure what's happening but it seems this issue started a few weeks ago. Before, it was only occasional but now, it happens every single day; I have to pull the battery out and turn it back on. Do you guys have a fix for this? Thank you!

Hi Droidista. I got your info from The Droid Guy; I follow your articles from there. It seems you guys are too busy there so I would like to contact you personally to see if I can get you to look up for my problem. I'm with VZW and I already called their tech support but they, too, can't figure out what's the matter with my phone. The problem is, the phone couldn't be replaced anymore. Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated. -- Janice

Hello. I am currently bugged by a problem with my new Galaxy S5, which I got from T-Mobile. The screen just goes blank without apparent reason, although I noticed it started about a week ago. I thought it was the Wi-Fi calling feature that caused this as it started to occur when I turned that feature on. I already turned off Wi-Fi calling but my phone screen still goes blank. The thing is, I can still hear the notification when a message comes in and there was one instance when the phone rang. When I was able to manage to turn the screen back on by pulling the battery out, there were messages and missed calls. So, the phone was still on and only the screen was off. It's odd, right? No one has ever helped with this problem, not even T-Mobile and a quick search online would suggest the issue is widespread. I don't know if you ever heard of this problem. Thanks for your time, Harold. Sincerely, Nicola.

First of all, there were no reported bugs that may result to the screen being blank. However, there are three possible causes that I can see here; a third-party app, firmware (including pre-installed  apps and features) glitch, hardware problem. The first thing you should do is narrow the problem down by eliminating each possibility.

To rule out the possibility that it's a third-party app causing this, boot the phone to Safe Mode. I'm not sure how frequent this problem actually happens but while the phone is in that state, observe it closely to find out if the screen still goes blank. Perhaps a day of observation is enough.

Now, if the problem won't happen after a day or two of observation, it means the cause of the problem was indeed a third-party app. In Safe Mode, all third-parties are temporarily disabled so if one of them was the cause of the issue, it is logical the problem won't occur while the phone is in this state.

In case the problem sill persists in Safe Mode, one of the pre-installed apps or features and even the firmware itself causes it. There were owners who said their problem was resolved when they disabled the S Health app, so I want you to try that one. If that doesn't work, backup all your data in your phone's internal memory and perform factory reset. If that fails either, then we have reason to believe it's already a hardware issue. So, have the phone checked by a technician.

I hope this post can help you troubleshoot the problem with your Samsung Galaxy S5. You may contact me at harold@droidista.com if you have questions or problems.

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