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How to take photos or videos when Samsung Galaxy S5 screen is locked

By: Gra | Friday, July 18, 2014


With the Camera shortcut under Lock screen options, you still can get access to the camera application and take photos or videos on your Samsung Galaxy S5 even when the phone screen is locked.

For those who haven't yet tried doing this and/or need assistance on how to get this done, follow these steps. This should be just quick.

1. Get to the Home screen and touch Apps to get started.

2. Next, touch Settings.

3. Select Lock Screen to get to the Lock screen options.

4. From the given options, locate and touch on Camera Shortcut. Doing so will let you turn on your phone's camera access from the lock screen.

5. Once the feature is enabled or ON, swipe the camera shortcut icon. This will open the Camera app on your phone.

At this point, you may now start taking pictures or record a video on your Galaxy S5.

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