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Fixing Samsung Galaxy S4 problem on keys and buttons incorrect response

By: Gra | Tuesday, July 8, 2014


There have been several complaints from owners of Samsung Galaxy S4, saying the keys and buttons wouldn't respond accordingly. When they attempt to type a text or press some buttons, they're getting incorrect response from the device instead.

In respond to this concern, we offer this content to help those people deal with such issue annoying issue on their S4 handset. If you are one of those having same problem, follow these resolution steps:

1. Remove any covers, skins or cases from the phone. These accessories may be covering the buttons or keypads, and are thereby causing the problem to occur. Once you've already removed these possible barriers, try to press the malfunctioning keys and see if you get a correct response this time.

2. Make sure you are pressing directly down on the desired button. Sometimes, when we're in a hurry or up to something, we just tend to press a button without making sure if we're really pressing the right button. This results to an incorrect character output. Also, sometimes an incorrect text or character can be entered or typed by hitting the button next to the desired button as some keys are so small.

3. Review the device procedures to make sure the keypad is not locked or disabled. Doing so will also help you determine if you could have altered the settings to have a different key response like as a shortcut or convenience key, perhaps. So please check on that too.

4. Perform a soft reset. Just remove the battery from the device for about 30 seconds or a minute and then re-insert it. Turn the device on and test to see if you get the right key or button response this time.

5. Also make sure the phone does not have any physical or liquid damage. Did you happen to drop or expose your phone to moisture? If you think so, then it is likely that the problem is also tied to a physical or liquid damage on your phone. In this case, please have it repaired first.

You can either take your dysfunctional smartphone to an authorized Samsung service center in your place or contact your phone carrier and let them know of your issue.

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