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Faster way to upload videos and photos with Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Link

By: Gra | Tuesday, July 29, 2014


While the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is schemed for a more enhanced performance feature, there's yet another way to make it perform even better. For example, you can upload videos and photos you've captured to an online storage service in an instant with the Galaxy S5's Instant Upload Samsung Link.

If you are still new to this feature and in need of a bit of details on how to make use of it later, then I suggest you keep on reading the entire post.

Here are the steps on how to use Samsung Link on your Galaxy S5 for instant uploading of photos and videos.

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen to get started.

2. Touch Samsung Link from the next screen.

You may need to download Samsung Link on your phone, if you don't have it yet. You can get it from the Google PlayStore.

3. From the Samsung Link screen, touch the Get started button to proceed.

4. Now touch All content.

5. Read the on-screen prompt and then touch OK.

6. Touch More options icon located at the upper-rightmost corner of the screen (represented by a three-vertical-dot icon).

7. Touch Settings from the sub-menu items.

8. Touch Registered storage in the next screen to register to a new storage service.

When you register a storage service, you will then be able to save and access your contents from anywhere.

9. Now touch Add storage to continue.

10. You will then see a list of available storage to add. Choose your preferred storage service from the list, by touching the Sign In button next to the option.

11. The next screen will prompt you to sign in to your selected service. Just enter your email and password for that account and then touch Sign in to proceed. (For example, if you select Dropbox from the previous screen, you will need to enter the email and password for your Dropbox account.)

12. Read the on-screen message and then touch the Allow button.

By touching the Allow button, you will let Samsung Link to upload content directly to your account. On the other hand, if you select Cancel on this screen, your phone will not be able to upload contents to your account.

13. Go back to the Settings screen by touching the Back button/key.

14. Turn on/enable Auto upload by touching the slider next to it to the right.

15. Under Auto upload screen, touch the drop-down box labeled None to choose a registered storage service.

If you already setup your Dropbox account the last time you set your phone, Drobpox will already show up in the list.

16. In this guide, we'll use Dropbox. So touch Dropbox to continue.

17. Once you've selected Dropbox, you'll get to see other options inside it. Touch Photos, Videos or Photos/Videos, depending on your preference to automatically upload.

18. Set your auto upload preferences by touching Auto upload settings.

You can also let your phone upload over a mobile data connection. All you have to do is to touch the slider next to Use mobile networks to enable it or turn it on.

And that's all it! You may now start uploading your mobile contents for easier access later, anytime and anywhere you may be.

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