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Customize Keyboard Settings on Samsung Galaxy S5

By: Gra | Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This tutorial is aimed at helping those Galaxy S5 owners who are new to Samsung keyboard and are learning to use other keyboard options on the S5 handset.

Customizing keyboard settings in the Galaxy S5 language and input menu, you can switch between Samsung and Swype keyboards on the go.

We offer you this simple guide to take advantage of this feature and make use of a more advanced keyboard functions embedded in the Galaxy S5 smartphone. You may refer to this quick tutorial whenever you want.

Let's get started right away:
1. Go to the Home screen.

2. Touch Apps.

3. Touch Settings to continue.

4. Scroll to and touch Language and input from the given options under Settings.

5. By default, the Galaxy S5 uses Samsung keyboard for text inputs. To change it, just touch the settings icon next to a keyboard input you prefer to use or customize.

6. To exit from the menu, just press the Home key.

7. If you want to view a sample of how switching between keyboards while typing is done, touch Messaging and then compose a message.

8. Now, open the Notification Panel. Just swipe your finger form the top of the screen down to the bottom.

9. Touch Choose Input method. You will then be prompted with the available input methods you can choose from.

10. Choose the keyboard input you prefer. Or you can also touch Set up input methods to configure the available keyboards.

Among the available input methods you can choose from include Google voice typing, Swype and Samsung keyboard.

After setting up the keyboard input for use on your S5 handset, you may now create a test message to see how the selected keyboard option works.


Samsung Galaxy S5 comes pre-loaded with the Swype keyboard and Samsung keyboard. So all you have to do is to configure the phone settings to use any of these keyboard input options.

You can also download and install third-party keyboards with some special features for use on your device's messaging. Nevertheless, Samsung keyboard is by far deemed as the most stable input method on the Galaxy S5.

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