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CSR Racing for Android Gaming and Blogging: Mobile drag racing at its best

By: Unknown | Sunday, July 27, 2014


While video gaming was my childhood obsession, I'm not really a hardcore gamer considering I already have mouths to feed, so priorities come first. But since I'm a freelance writer, I have a lot of idle times so I decided to spend some of them gaming and together develop an idea on what to write about; it's a win-win situation for me.

Last week, I started gaming with Real Racing 3 but today, I found a popular game that interests me--CSR Racing. So, I decided to install it to my phone and started gaming. It's a drag racing game and speed is the name of the game but to achieve that, you must have a car powerful enough to reach point B the shortest time possible. Needless to say, you need to buy upgrades to give your car a power boost.

At the star of the game, you will be given $25,000 so you can buy one of the cars that you like. I chose Ford Focus ST because it already has a power advantage over others with 222 horsepower (HP), and of course, it's worth exactly the cash on hand.

With stock setup, I won the first regulation race and first two ladder races, which earned me enough cash to upgrade my turbo to stage 1 giving my car a little power boost to 228HP.

The Daily Battle was unlocked and the first race was challenging with $2,000 cash prize. I had to roll with a tier 4 car Ford GT and won the race. After the battle, I leveled up to level 2 with $2,777 and 4 gold chips. I can now upgrade a few parts of my car.
  • Stage 1 Engine - worth $1,498 and improved HP to 232
  • Stage 1 Transmission - worth $760 and made my gearbox lighter from 480 to 430 (the lower the figures, the better)
  • Stage 1 Intake - worth $351, improved HP to 235
I also purchased the black stripes decal worth 2 gold chips; it adds $250 to my winnings every race.

With this setup, my best time is 15.170 seconds with perfect start and shifts. Not bad, actually. I would win ladder races from round 3 to 8. The following are the difficulty levels of races I won with my current setup…
  • Ladder Races 3 to 4: Easy
  • Ladder Races 5 to 7: Challenging
  • Ladder Races 8 to 9: Hard
I won the 8th round but lost in the 9th but those races earned my $6,683, which is enough to upgrade other parts.
  • Stage 1 Nitrous - worth $1,199, it gives 2-second speed boost
  • Stage 2 Turbo - worth $3,095, improved HP to 240
  • Stage 2 Intake - worth $558, improved HP to 244
  • Stage 1 Tires - worth $1,635, improved grip from 4000 to 4037 (the higher the figure, the better)
With this setup, the 9th round of the ladder race that was hard before the upgrade and the first crew battle race (Luther) became challenging. Of course, I won these races and I earned $980 and $2,000, respectively.

At this point, I have to temporarily stop racing because I ran out of gas. I now have $,4315 and 4 gold chips with 244HP Ford Focus ST car.

So far, gaming with CSR Racing was fun and I sure would continue. Actually, what I'm after is the multiplayer races. This feature will be unlocked with I beat the first crew in tier 3. I'm pretty excited about that but I have to rest for now. I will try to play this game without spending a dollar on in-app purchases. Of course, I can purchase a tankful of gas for 2 gold chips but I don't want to do that. After all, my tank will be refilled in a few hours.

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