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Adding Auto-fill Profile or Credit Card Info in Samsung Galaxy S5 browser

By: Unknown | Sunday, July 20, 2014


One of the recommended solutions given to those who have been encountering browser issues with the Galaxy S5 is adding an auto-fill profile or credit card in the browser settings.

This method is particularly applicable or used when you are having trouble auto-filling profile or credit card information using the Samsung Galaxy S5 Internet or Chrome browser app.

Here's how to add auto-fill profile or credit card in your GS 5 browser settings:
1. Go to the Home screen and touch Apps to get started.

2. Touch to select Internet from the available applications. Or if you prefer to use Chrome browser, touch Chrome instead.

// Adding auto-fill personal information or profile using GS 5 browser

3. Under Internet/Chrome browser app screen, touch Menu to proceed.

4. Now touch Settings.

5. Select Auto-fill forms.

6. Enter or type in your personal information.

7. To save your recently added personal information, touch Save.

// Adding auto-fill credit card information using Chrome on GS 5 browser

1. Touch Apps to begin with.

2. Touch Chrome to load Chrome browser/app on your phone.

3. Now touch Menu.

4. Continue by touching Settings.

5. Select Autofill forms.

6. Touch to select Add credit card from the available options.

7. Type in or enter your credit card information.

8. Touch Save to complete the process.

Now open a browser on your phone and attempt to autofill forms. Just touch Apps->Internet or Apps->Chrome. Once the browser is up, visit or navigate to a website wherein you can sign in to like Gmail or Yahoomail. Enter your log in details. Confirm autofill request, log out or sign out from your account. And finally, log or sign back in using autofill.

In case you will encounter problems like if autofill information won't load, try clearing app data on your Samsung Galaxy S5 browser. Clearing app data has been known to resolve device issues including those associated with the mobile browser.

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