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Samsung Galaxy S5 Can't Recognize Fingerprint

By: Unknown | Saturday, July 5, 2014


I've received several reports about the new Samsung Galaxy S5 that can't recognize the owner's fingerprint. So, I look into it and talked with some people who may have ideas why it's happening. Well, there's no known bug that could have resulted to the problem so the issue may be on how the user swipe his/her finger across the finger scanner.

The following tips may come handy if the phone doesn't recognize your fingerprint.

  • Properly swipe the entire pad of your finger from base to top across the Home key. The phone may not recognize your fingerprint if you swipe only the tip of your finger or if you bent it while swiping.
  • Make sure  you swipe at a moderate speed; if you swipe too fast or too slow, the fingerprint will not register properly.
  • If you installed a new screen protector and then this problem happened, may be it partially covered and obscured the fingerprint sensor. Remove it if you cannot get the feature to work after several attempts.
  • Since the fingerprint scanner is sensitive to moist, make sure the screen and your finger are dry before you swipe.
  • Make sure no metal object touched the scanner during the scanning.
  • Lastly, physically check if the Home button wasn't scratched in any way as it could be the reason why the scanner won't work properly.

I hope this post can help you figure out what the problem with your Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor and eventually fix it.

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