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Using Visual Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S5: Review, Listen to, Delete/Restore Messages

By: Gra | Friday, June 20, 2014


You can use Voicemail to easily access and select which messages you want to view/read.

To access and review this feature on your Samsung Galaxy S5, simply follow these steps:

1.       Tap on Apps and then select Voicemail.

2.       You will then be prompted with the list of available voicemail messages. To review a message, simply touch it.


At the bottom of the review screen, you will see icons for maintenance, storage, messaging and other options. Just touch the Help icon if you need to know of certain options.

Steps to listen to multiple voicemail messages on your Galaxy S5:

You can immediately access other voicemail messages without going back to the main voicemail screen after listening to a voicemail message. Also, you can move along voicemail messages as frequently as you would want or move to the previous or next message even before you're done listening to the current message. Here's how you get this done:

1.       Listen to a certain voicemail message you preferred to hear.

2.       Swipe your finger to the left of right. Doing so will prompt you with the next or previous voicemail message, and it will start to play automatically.

Delete Voicemail Messages with Visual Voicemail

1.       Tap on the Apps menu/icon from any Home screen.

2.       Touch to select Voicemail.

3.       Open a message you want to remove from the list.

4.       Touch Delete to erase the message.


Deleted voicemail messages can also be restored from the trash folder. Simply follow these steps if you want to restore a message:

1.       Touch Inbox to get started.

2.       Touch to select Trash.

3.       Touch and hold the message you want to restore to the inbox.

4.       Touch the restore icon to initiate and confirm restoration of the message.

If you encounter any trouble using the Visual Voicemail tool on your Samsung Galaxy S5, please don’t hesitate to share it with us through the comments section and we’ll be glad to find any available solution.

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