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Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) on Samsung Galaxy S5 [What you need to know]

By: Gra | Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Virtual Private Networks or VPNs will let you connect and to and access resources from a secured local network, including corporate networks. You can set up, add and manage virtual private networks on your Samsung Galaxy S5 handset. Read on to learn how:

A.      Setting Up Galaxy S5 for VPN Connection

Typically, you will be required to provide your login credentials or install security certificates prior to connecting to a company's local network. The requirements however would depend on the type of VPN available. You may obtain this information from your network administrator.

Other requirements to connect to a VPN besides entering your login credentials are as follow:

1.       Mobile data must be enabled on your phone.
2.       Phone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Once you've met all the aforesaid requisites, you may now proceed with the next process.

B.      Set a Screen Lock

A screen lock must first be set before setting up a VPN. Doing so will prevent any unauthorized access on your phone by unauthorized users. A password screen lock or a PIN would be good enough to secure your phone.

Here's how to set a screen lock on your Galaxy S5:

1.       Tap on the Apps menu from the Home screen.
2.       Tap to select Settings.
3.       Tap on the Lock Screen icon to proceed.
4.       Tap to select Screen Lock option.
5.       You may select either a Password or PIN and set it as screen lock.
6.       To configure the screen lock, just follow the on-screen prompts until you complete the process.

After setting up a Screen Lock on your device, you may now proceed with Adding a VPN.

C.      Adding a VPN on your Samsung Galaxy S5

Follow these steps to add a basic VPN on your phone:

1.       Tap on the Apps menu from the Home screen.
2.       Tap on Settings.
3.       Tap to select More Networks option.
4.       Tap on VPN to continue.
5.       Select Basic VPN.
6.       Look for the Add icon (+) to configure necessary options including the following:

a.       Name - This is where you enter the name of the VPN.
b.      Type - Select the type of VPN to add.
c.       Server Address - This is where you will enter the VPN server address.
d.      PPP Encryption (MPPE) - This field needs to be enabled (if applicable for the VPN).
e.      Show advanced options - Among the advanced options for VPN setup are DNS Search domains, DMS servers and Forwarding routes
f.        Tap on Save to save the current VPN settings.

// Adding an Advanced IP sec VPN:

1.       Tap on the Apps menu from the Home screen.
2.       Tap on Settings.
3.       Tap to select More networks.
4.       Tap VPN to continue.
5.       Tap on the plus sign (+) Add icon to configure the following fields:

  1. VPN connection name - This is where you enter the name of the VPN.
  2.  IP sec connection type - Select the VPN type here.
  3.  Gateway - Enter the IP address or DNS name. (You may need to contact your network administrator for this information).
  4.  Identity - Enter the Key ID in here.
  5.  Pre-shared key - Enter the PSK in here.
  6.  Show advanced options - Depending on the type of VPN, you may have to tap on this option for you to set other options including the following:

    • Extended authentication
    • Aggressive mode
    • Perfect Forward secrecy or PFS
    • Disable split tunneling
    • Algorithm suite
    • IKE groups
    • IKE lifetime
    • IPsec lifetime
    • Connection attempt timeout

  1. Save the recently added VPN by tapping on Save.

D.      Connect your Galaxy S5 to a VPN

Now that you already have added or setup the VPN on your phone, you may now connect to it. Here is how you do it:

1.       Tap on the Apps menu from the Home screen.
2.       Tap on Settings to continue.
3.       Tap on More Networks.
4.       Select VPN.
5.       You will then be prompted with on-screen instructions. Just follow these prompts to enter your login credentials and then connect to the VPN. An indication that you are already connected to the VPN is the icon that displays in the notification area of the title bar.

E.       Disconnect your Galaxy S5 from a VPN

To disconnect your phone from a VPN connection, you would need to do the following:

1.       Touch and hold the title bar.
2.       Drag down to open the Notification panel.
3.       Tap on the VPN connection. Doing so will get you back to the VPN settings screen.
4.       Tap on the VPN connection to disconnect from it.

You will know when your phone is already disconnected from the VPN because the icon will no longer show up in the notification area of the title bar.


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