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How to Use Safety Assistance Feature on Samsung Galaxy S5

By: Grace Gajetes-Hisona | Thursday, June 26, 2014


One of the many helpful features integrated into Samsung's latest Galaxy S5 smartphone is Safety Assistance. As the name implies, this feature is primarily aimed at helping users send a quick notice of the estimated location and visual surroundings to the mobile device of an emergency contact that is set or selected beforehand.

While Safety Assistance is deemed one of the phone's important features, enabling of it is only for your convenience and is not really intended as nor should it be considered as a replacement for emergency calls to the authorities.
In case you want to give this feature a try, you may refer to this quick guide we offer in this content. Read on to learn how to use the Safety Assistance feature on your Samsung Galaxy S5 handset.

1.       Tap on the Apps menu from the Home screen to get started.

2.       Tap on Settings to proceed.

3.       Tap to select Safety Assistance option.

4.       Configure the following Safety Assistance options:

a.       Emergency Mode - This option will let you save power on your device during an emergency. Enabling of this feature will let you use a minimal home screen layout while limiting the number of usable apps on the phone. To enable or disable this option, simply touch the ON/OFF switch.

b.      Geo News - This option will let you receive latest updates on extreme weather conditions that may affect you. To enable or disable this feature, simply touch on the ON/OFF switch. Pop-up notifications can also be enabled or disabled, either way you want.

c.       Send help messages - This option will let you send a quick message or notice of your estimated location and visual surroundings to the mobile device of those in your Emergency contact list. Here's how to get this done:

                                       i.            Press the Power/Lock Key three (3) times in a row. Doing so will send an emergency message to your emergency contact.

To enable or disable this feature, simply touch on the ON/OFF switch.

Important Note:

While you are given this option on your phone, it is but highly recommended to still make an emergency call to the appropriate authorities if necessary.

d.      Manage primary contacts - This option will let you create and keep primary contact information.

Other available options under Safety Assistance would include the following:

·         Send Pictures - Besides sending a quick notice, you can also send photos from the front and rear cameras to your emergency contact when you press the Power/Lock key 3 times in a row.

·         Send Sound Recording - In addition to a quick notice and photos, pressing the Power/Lock key 3 times on your device will also let you send sound recording to your emergency contact.

More Hints:

In order to use the Safety Assistance feature  on your Galaxy S5 phone, you need to have at least one primary contact saved in Contacts.

To set up primary contact(s) on your device, just follow the on-screen instructions or prompts for you to get it done.

For more information about Samsung Galaxy S5 Safety Assistance feature, you can tap on your phone's Menu icon and then select Help option.

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